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ng to substitute the word "shithouse" in there for good measure. Edna starts to cry, and says that without Irv, she doesn't know what her life is anymore. Patch sits down next to his mom and asks her to let them help her -- that's what they've been trying to do. Edna says she knows, but he can't, nor can anyone else. "I just need to be alone right now." Patch asks if that's her plan: to just get in the RV and drive around for a month or so until she feels better. Edna says she couldn't say for how long, and frankly, she doesn't see herself going for much longer without Harper anyway. Patch tells her that she is talking crazy now, and she has a family who loves her and wants to take care of her. Edna: "I've never been taken care of by anyone in my life, and I don't intend to start now. I'm not going to be a burden. Not to you or Rose or anyone else. Please. Don't try to talk me out of this. It was a tough decision, but I've made up my mind." Patch is speechless, for once in his life. It's awful.

Abbott House. Rose walks into Amy's room and asks her some motherly question, probably having to do with if she's going to stay in bed all day. Amy tells her mom how stupid she is -- she had the thing everyone wanted, and she just threw it away. "And now Ephram has become STEPHRAM. And you can't just go up to Stephram and be like, 'I'm in love with you again,' especially since she's buying him jackets!" She says she thought she could work the old-school angle, but now she's realizing that she has no angle. Rose: "You love Ephram." Amy: "Mom, yes, keep up!" Hee. Rose says that, considering the history they have, she thinks that amounts to more than a jacket, and she obviously just needs to express her feelings to Ephram in a slightly less anxiety-provoking way than she just described them to her. Amy says it won't be enough to just say it, and besides, this is Ephram -- Grand-Gesture Ephram. "He had his dad perform surgery on my boyfriend while he was in love with me. He wrote my Princeton essay for me. Our first time together..." Rose is all, "Uh, I GET IT. Say no more." Amy says she needs a way to show him how much she loves him, that she remembers everything and isn't going to forget. Rose kisses her crazy daughter on the head and says, "Then you will."

Bright's taken Hannah way high up on top of some mountain, probably to try some of his new moves on her, but he thinks better of it. He asks if she's made a decision, and Hannah says not yet, which is ridiculous since her registration is due, like, tomorrow. Bright takes a deep breath and says, "I think you should go to Notre Dame. It's not because I don't love you, but...it's the right thing to do." Hannah doesn't understand. Bright says he had a whole pitch all planned out about why she should stay in Everwood, but he was doing it for him, not for her. "Because I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing you every day. And because part of me was hoping that we would get back together. But I know I was being selfish, and if there's anything you taught me...when you love someone, you've gotta put them first." Hannah starts to argue, but Bright tells her if the only reason she wouldn't go is because she's afraid she's going to lose him and Amy... "Come on, Hannah. I'm always going to be here. I know I've let you down before. I promise it's never going to happen again. So it's going to be me and you. Best friends. For life. Okay?" Hannah says okay, and she cries and hugs him. And we'll never see Bright again, you guys. FOREVER. A sweet song picks up, and we cut to...

...Amy, still in her bed, trying to figure out what to do. She closes her eyes, and we get a montage of great flashbacks: she and Ephram on top of the mountain, then on the Ferris Wheel at the Thaw Fest; their first kiss on that field trip; ice skating; at the prom; at the Country Club when they had summer jobs and Ephram wore those stupid shorts; more kissing; when Ephram got on the plane to New York and Amy was already there waiting in the seat next to him; on the couch in his studio and the hooker thong; when he gave her that awesome necklace that I totally want; and their first time doing the sex. When that little bit of nostalgia is over, she jumps up from her bed and finds her mom in the kitchen. "I think I've got it," she says, smiling, "but I'm going to need your help." Rose says okay, and we go to commercials.

We return to Edna calling for Rose and Patch in the downstairs of their house. "Hell of a going away party," she says to herself, and starts up the stairs. When she gets up there, Rose and Patch are standing in a bedroom that's been transformed into a thing of beauty for her. Patch: "Edna Harper, welcome to your new bedroom." He says they were on a tight time frame, so it's not quite finished yet, but she's even got wallpaper choices, and Rose picked out some lovely curtains. Rose: "They really do let the light in, don't you think?" Edna's eyes fill with tears, and she doesn't know what to say. Rose just wants her to say she'll move in with them. "It's not just that we want you here, Edna, it's that we need you. Amy will be moving out soon, and to tell the truth, I could use the help with Lily. She needs a grandmother." Patch says they lost too much time when he was growing up, and he doesn't want to lose anymore time with her. Edna looks around and says, "Well, I guess I could do worse." Rose goes over to hug her (so much hugging in this episode!) while Patch looks on gladly.

Hannah smiles as runs across the street and drops an envelope in the mailbox. It's addressed to Colorado A&M. Aw, yeah.

Brown House. Treat is getting ready for his big moment. Ephram asks him what he did while he was in New York. Treat says he took some flowers to Julia's grave, and just talked to her, strange as it sounds. Ephram: "No, it doesn't sound strange. Now, when we just moved here, and you were talking to her in public? That was a little strange." Ephram asks Treat if he's really going to do it, and Treat tells him that nobody could ever replace his mother. Ephram says he knows; it's just that he's so used to things not working out the way they're supposed to that it's just a little weird when something looks like it's going to happen. Treat tells him not to jinx it; she hasn't said yes yet. Ephram recalls Dimples's words about everyone having that picture in their minds of how they think their life is supposed to be. "Makes you wonder if maybe I should hold out a little longer for my picture -- Amy and I." Treat tells Ephram that the thing about the picture is how he looks in it. "It's not about who you're standing next to or what's in the background. It's...are you smiling? Are you happy? If you are, it doesn't matter where you're standing or who you're standing next to. It's a good picture. You're way ahead of the game, Ephram." Ephram says it doesn't always feel that way. Treat says oh, but he is. "I've watched you take your pain, and your chaos, and turn them into something beautiful. You've changed people's lives; you've saved people's lives, mine included. You've made peace with your past. You've opened yourself up to a woman you loved, and you bounced back with style when things didn't go your way. You've been brave, and honest, and you got a haircut, which makes the picture look even better." Treat says he's so proud of how Ephram has turned out, so no matter who he ends up with, she's going to be lucky to have him. Agreed. And agreed. Ephram says there's something wrong with this -- isn't it the guy who's about to propose who gets all the advice? Treat asks if there's anything in his teeth; Ephram says no, and Treat says he's done his duty. Ephram asks his dad if he's nervous. Treat: "You bet your ass I am." Cheesy. Awesome. Before he goes, he tells Ephram that if this all works out, he's expecting him to be the best man...and he didn't have a bachelor party the first time out, so there's a lot of pressure. He walks into the closet instead of out the door, and Ephram has to call

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