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Mother, Mother

Victoria's balcony. She stares longingly at Casa Emily. Kara comes outside to talk about David since it's pretty obvious based on what she knows that Victoria's still pining over him. They respectfully talk about how they were both deceived by him and share parts of this mess in common. Kara lets it slip that they also both were deceived by Gordon. Charlotte appears and interrupts to say that the hospital just called, and Amily is awake and well. Kara leaves immediately to head to the hospital, leaving Charlotte to express to her mother that she's surprised by Victoria's gesture of generosity. Maybe the Queen really has changed.

Stowaway. More Declan cleaning. The brothers exchange good news. 1) Amily's awake and OK. 2) Kenny hooked them up with a contractor that can fix the bar faster and cheaper. Jack's all for that.

Grayson Global. Ashley shows Padma into Daniel's office for their meeting about David Clarke. She calls Daniel out for making an outsized response to her request for info. Either something's wrong or she's won something. Has she won something? Only the most obnoxiously aggressive new character award. Padma wants information about David Clarke's terms of employment at the time of an investment from Nolcorp in Grayson Global. Aiden has tapped into the conference call and takes notes of this exchange. Daniel tells Padma they will look into David's contract, and shows her out. Ash seems placated, but Dan's concerned. There's supposedly never been an investment from Nolcorp.

Back at the hospital, Ems walks out of Amily's room with a sleeping Carl in her arms just as Kara is walking up. Emanda turns to see her mother for the first time and introduces herself as the baby's godmother. The first question Ems asks her estranged mother is what Amanda was like when she was a little girl. With sincere love in her eyes, Kara talks about her daughter being so gentle and innately good. Kara asks if Amanda ever talks about her. With probably a tiny bit of scorn, Emanda says, "Honestly, no." Ems goes in for the kill, "When was the last time you saw her?" But before she can answer, our favorite slimy 'writer', Mason Treadwell, butts into the conversation holding a giant bouquet. He asks for confirmation that the woman standing before him is, in fact, Kara Clarke. When she responds in the affirmative, Mason blubbers, "God, I love the Hamptons."


In Amily's hospital room, Mason Treadwell explains that he was drawn back to the Hamptons by the Graysons' announcement that Amily was welcomed into the fold. When Mason notes that Kara looks good after all these years and asks where she's been, she simply replies, "Away." Mason: "Oh, that's one of my favorite places." OK fine, Mason; that was kinda cool. Amily gets wheeled back into the room and notices that a party of mostly unwanted guests has sprung up while she's been gone. Mason offers to help Amily out of her chair and gives a creepy glance to her exposed back through her hospital gown, just before Ems declares that he should leave. With the trace amounts of testosterone gone from the room, Kara asks Amily if she recognizes her. Ems steps between the awkwardness to suggest that mother and baby need rest. She offers to drive Kara home.

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