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Mother, Mother

On the drive home, Kara laments that Amily didn't recognize her. Ems asks if Kara ever read Mason's book about David. She couldn't ever bring herself to believe he was capable of any of the things they said he did. Kara can take solace in the fact that David didn't destroy Amanda. Emanda echoes the sentiment.

Nolan returns to Padma who's burning the midnight oil at his office at Nolcorp. He's happy to be an unofficial uncle... like Kracker or Fester. He notices the framed David Clarke check receipt sitting on his desk and has a mini-panic attack. He asks if Padma did anything with it, and she lies. Even though it's 10 o'clock at night, Nolan invites Padma out for breakfast. He figures they can find something to do between now and breakfast time. Sexy.

Late night out on the town. Daniel, Ash and Aiden are nearing the end of their drinks meeting. Daniel, under the influence of the universal lubricant, lets it slip that the company is falling apart and his father couldn't care less. While he's in the restroom, Aiden starts in on Ashley, prying into their personal life and gets the sense that Ash isn't too into Daniel. He name drops Emanda for good measure and gets the story of her cheating on Daniel and ruining their engagement. He suggests that he'll look her up for a fling. That should serve as perfect cover in the future.

Casa Emily. Emanda comes home to find Aiden waiting for her. This sets her off because Victoria watches the house like a hawk, and their cover could easily be blown. Aiden changes the subject, revealing it was Padma that was digging for info about David Clarke at Grayson Global. If Daniel looks into this, Aiden thinks it could expose the source of Emanda's wealth, but she liquidated her stock in Nolcorp a long time ago, so that's no worry. This could be a problem for Nolan, though. Aiden's not too concerned by that. Suddenly, Kara's phone rings. Aiden tracks down the phone and snatches it. Emanda: "Answer that phone and it'll be the last thing you ever do." Aiden doesn't answer it, but he threatens that Ems should consider he'd be better for her as a partner than an enemy.


Twenty minutes before high tide, Nolan has arranged for a romantic small breakfast table for two on the beach. He tells Padma he likes living on the edge. Nolan gets a call from Emanda. He's shocked by the urgency of Ems saying he needs her help. She explains that Padma contacted Grayson Global about David's investment. Nolan hangs up without alerting Padma as to what the call was about. He eyes her suspiciously as they clink mimosas.

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