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Mother, Mother

Casa Emily. Jack and Amily settle in with Carl in Emanda's spare bedroom. Jack has to leave though, to go get some work done at the Stowaway. Ems can sense that Amily is a little upset. Her guilt over the baby supposedly not being Jack's is eating away at her and she's stressed over having to deal with Kara. Ems reveals that Kara tried to kill her when she was little, which explains why Ems suddenly just wants Kara gone. Amily is all for calling Kara now to just tell her to get lost.

Aiden strolls into Daniel's office, joking about getting drunk. Dan wishes he was drunk after the morning the company has been having. He advises Aiden to just take Takeda's money and run, but he doesn't. Instead, Aiden offers up what he's learned about Nolcorp. He figures that David Clarke may have given start-up capital to Nolan from a personal account with an exclusivity clause. That would mean that any investment he gave Nolan would've be on behalf of Grayson Global, giving the company a controlling interest in Nolan's company. If you were able to follow all of that financial crap, can you please take a look at my portfolio? Aiden thinks this guarantees him a seat on the board at Grayson Global and Daniel a one-way ticket to ruling his dad's company. Dan puts in a call to archives to start digging for proof of all of this.

Mason Treadwell walks in on Victoria searching the guest bedroom for anything Kara may be hiding. He notes how sad it is to see a woman snooping and/or robbing her own home. Mason: "I read your Vanity Fair article. It was like gazing upon your lovely visage, Victoria -- the most elegant blend of fact and fiction." Where I come from, the proper reaction to such a statement would be: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Mason confesses he originally returned to the Hamptons for the kidnapping story, but Kara's return is even juicier since Victoria claimed all this time that she was dead. "I honestly believed that," Victoria says. "Do you... gag a little when you say that? 'Honestly?' " I didn't realize how much I missed Mason being a bitch to the Queen. Victoria thinks Kara poses a major threat to everyone, including Mason. He thinks he'll be just fine.

Emanda and Kara enter the baby's room just after Amily has put him to sleep. Ems offers to leave the mother and pseudo-daughter alone, but lets Ams know that she'll be just outside if she needs her. Kara and Amily take a seat on the bed and the absentee mother jumps right into her heartfelt apology. She comments on Amily's strength and the fact that she's become more than the woman she had hoped her daughter would be. Kara clarifies that she was a very sick woman who was not always in control of her actions. Ems listens to this out in the hallway with tears in her eyes. Kara: "Your father and I made a choice. One that I knew I would have to live with..." FLASHBACK: Kara stands over a sleeping Little Amanda at the hospital and kisses her goodbye. She tells David through tears that he must tell her that she died. It will be better for her. She hugs David. /FLASHBACK. David found it in his heart to forgive Kara, she says. She gets up to leave, but Amily reaches out and grabs her arm, then says she forgives Kara, too. They hug. Emanda sobs vicariously.

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