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Mother, Mother


Stowaway. The bar has passed inspection. Jack and Kenny are all smiles. Jack's ready to get back to work to repay the Porters' debt, but Kenny clues him in to the bigger opportunity. Jack figures out right away that Kenny wants to buy the bar. His hesitance is quelled by Kenny pointing out that the bar has only brought his family misery. Jack's mom left, his dad died and he has a new family of his own that he should be spending time with. Jack shakes Kenny's hand and is open to talking about selling. Dec comes in and hears the good news about the bar passing inspection... but doesn't get filled in on the bar being up for sale.

Grayson Manor. Victoria storms into the living room where Conrad is smarmily reading a book. He suggests that Victoria try out its calming effect. She's upset because she found Kara's cell phone lifeline to Gordon. She points out all the outgoing calls were to Gordon and figures that Kara must've been sharing inside information about the Graysons to their dangerous enemy. Victoria is flipping out at the prospect of the Initiative coming after them, but Conrad has an idea. If they get married, they'll be bound to never be legally compelled to testify against each other in a court of law. Still a more legit wedding than Kim and Kris.

Ems steps out on her front porch in a bathrobe. Amily is sitting out on the porch swing with Carl. She apologizes to Emanda for forgiving Kara. She just got caught up in the moment, she says. Ems is totally OK with it -- likely because it's what she might've done, too. With Amily emotionally vulnerable, Emanda takes this opportunity to confess that she lied about the baby not being Jack's. Ams is at first relieved to know she's no longer living a lie, but then realizes the one person she's supposed to be able to trust did a really horrible thing to her. Ems says it was because she was worried she needed some insurance to keep Ams on her side. She gives Amily a proper apology, but Ams responds with one of her own. She admits her part in deceiving Jack into falling in love with her despite knowing Ems loves him. Amily: "And now I have this incredible family." Ems tries to keep her face straight while Ams obliviously twists this knife. They agree that they cannot tell Jack the truth.

Ems stands down by the water at the beach in contemplation. Emanda voice-over: "Over time, we commit acts with intentions either good or bad that require forgiveness." Angus & Julia Stone's "For You" begins to play. FLASHBACK: Fond memories of Little Amanda and David playing together in the ocean. /FLASHBACK. Ems comes back from her reverie to find Kara standing beside her. She thinks her family might've ended up happier if they'd lived here on the beach. Emanda points out that just as many mistakes are made here. Kara asks if Amanda really forgives her. Emanda: "I think she wants to.

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