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Ass-kicked Pete. Over by a Smallville dock I didn't even know existed, Pete is getting the stuffing beaten out of him by Craggy Chris Isaak. Pete has his hands bound together. Chris Isaak yells at Pete, asking if he can swim. Is it wise to do this interrogation publicly and in broad daylight? Pete says he doesn't know anything about a secret. "You're just his best friend," says Evil Chris Isaak. He threatens Pete with further bodily harm if he doesn't reveal Clark's secret. Pete defiantly promises not to tell this shitbag anything. Chris Isaak rears back to punch Pete but is stopped when his name is called out. It's Lex. Pete stands up and accuses Lex of siccing this guy on Clark. Lex deflects that. He says that Papa Luthor found out about Lex and the FBI and paid this guy off. Chris Isaak says he doesn't need a morality lesson from someone who ratted out his own father. Chris Isaak tells Lex he should be less worried about Clark and more worried about the pending homicide charges that are going to be brought back onto him. Lex says he's sure the guy's supervisors would be interested to know about his interrogation methods. Shot of a bloody Pete. Lex tells Chris Isaak he wants him to get back on the case he was assigned to. He hands over a transcript of the voicemail and says that's all the evidence he needs to put Papa Luthor away. "You're making a mistake, Lex," says the agent. But he takes the voicemail. Chris Isaak says that Pete is sitting on something bigger than Lex or his father. A Humvee? "Isn't that right, Pete?" he asks. Then he walks away, leaving Pete with Lex. Lex comes to check on Pete and undoes his handcuffs. Lex says that Clark was probably right to confide in Pete instead of in Lex. "He couldn't ask for a better friend," Lex says. He pats Pete and leads him away. Pete thought the dude was going to kill him. He gives Lex some thanks. "I'm sure when the time comes, you'll do the same for me," Lex says ominously.

On the farm. Oh, look. Cows. Pete pulls up in his blue ride. I'm not thinking this will be a happy meeting. Clark notices Pete's puffy puss. He asks what happened. Pete says that an FBI agent decided to go "off payroll." Huh? Pete says the guy wanted to know about Clark, but that Pete didn't tell him anything. Clark says he should have been there. Pete says that's just it -- Clark can't always be there. Pete has to look out for himself. He lets Clark know that "They" are on to him. Pete says it's Lex he really wants to warn Clark about. Pete thinks Lex knows. He's not sure how much, but Lex knows something. Pete doesn't think Lex will stop until he knows everything. He tells Clark to watch out for this bald beauty, and to take care of himself. Pete pats Clark on the arm and goes back to his car. Clark mentally calculates everything and his abacus-like synapses fire the equivalent of one of those little white poppers you throw at the sidewalk. "Pete? Why are you talkin' like that?" Clark asks. Pete lowers the bombshell: he's moving to Wichita with his mother. "No," Clark pleads. What about senior year? Clark says that Pete can't do this because of him. Pete says that when he said he was all right keeping Clark's secret, he lied. He says he worries every day that he'll slip up. "Well, why didn't you tell me sooner?" Clark whines. Pete says it's because Clark needed a friend, and so did Pete. And he needed those teeny, tiny residuals. Clark, defiantly, says, "Well, you don't have to move away." Clark says that there has to be a way. Nobody has to know they're friends. Oh, stop, Clark. Pete says he could never live with himself if he betrayed Clark. Pete mists up. It's the Sorta Gayest But More Hetero-Man-Lovingest Look of the Episode. He cries, miserably, "I'll see you around, Clark." They hug. Clark tries to show an emotion. Pete, still teary, goes to his car. Best. Three lines or so. Ever. For Pete, at least. Goodbye, Pete. I know we give you shit, but we will miss you. Nobody placed a product like Pete.

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