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The Ross Is Off The Bloom

The Talon. Lana and Chloe walk in to an empty but still Egyptian motif-filled coffee shop. Chloe guesses that Lana won't miss the early-morning pastry deliveries. Lana says she was just trying to keep the building from being torn down when it began to take over her life. Lana has a life? They're pulling out all the surprises at season's end! Lana and Chloe look around, seemingly surprised by the lack of change in decoration. "Why would I do that?" asks Creepy Alanis from the staircase. She introduces herself to Lana as the new owner's daughter, Emma. Lana asks if she and Emma may have met somewhere before. Chloe looks a little jealous, or at least suspicious. Lana introduces Chloe as one of Emma's future "frequent caffeinators." Chloe asks what's up with the planned burrito bar. Creepy Alanis says that the place is perfect just the way it is, and asks Lana to show her the ropes. Lana agrees, and hands the girl an extra set of keys. She says she feels like she's handing over a piece of her life. The girl says it's in good hands. Really weird glowing smiles from Lana, Alanis, and even Chloe. Is there happy gas in the room or something?

Kent kitchen. MamaKent is taking bread out of the oven to set near some cooked...pears? You cook pears? Have I been eating them wrong all these years? MamaKent is wearing a pretty tight pair of jeans and a tucked-in shirt that accentuates her figure and saaaaaaay. Nice figure, there. I daydream-elbow Michael McKean for his good taste in ladies. Clark walks in, ruining the mood completely. Clark's got groceries. MamaKent asks if she's off the hook for dinner. Clark says he invited Lana for dinner, and he's chefing. It's Bring Your Own Hot Dog Bun Night. MamaKent says it must be hard to say goodbye. It is! And I'll take with me the memory, to be my sunshine after the rain. Or words to that effect. Clark's got a genius plan, though. It's brilliant! He'll tell Lana his secret and she'll stay and ruin her life! Awesome! MamaKent is surprised by the plan. And concerned. She says it's a big responsibility to ask someone to keep a secret like that. She invokes the name of the nearly departed: Pete. Clark says he knows Pete's had some close calls, but Clark says they're both glad the secret came out, and that it's made them better friends. And it's brought Pete's perimeter game up, too; he used to be a lousy outside shooter. MamaKent asks if Lana's ready. Clark says she's always asked him to be honest; now she can decide for herself. Except she can't undecide once you tell her and you've lied about even the most basic things, not just your alien origins, ya douche. Jeez. MamaKent guesses it's not really fair to raise Clark as one of them and then keep him from one of the best parts of life. Seriously, folks, if Lana is one of the best parts of life, I'm out. Suicide pill, please. Shuffle me off this mortal coil. Clark is surprised that there's no fight about this. MamaKent says she trusts Clark to make his own decision. Clark smiles. He thinks she's talking about his decision on what to serve for dessert.

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