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We went to lunch with my parents today and it came up that my dad used to be a Smeagol. (I say this because of the commercial for the Chintzy Edition of Return of the King I'm watching.) So, my dad: the one time we went finishing together when I was a wee lad, we went to a waterfall and there were two fish that had just gotten stuck on the rocks as soon as we got there. He grabbed the two big fish and said, "Let's go home!" That was our fishing trip. My dad was a little Smeagol there. We joked that he was singing a song and beating the fish against the rocks. That's my dad!

Young men in heat scene. Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is telling Clark that his dad found the wire (your IUD?), and that the FBI is dropping the case unless Lex can find something incriminating. Clark thinks that shouldn't be hard. Lex says his dad is good at covering his tracks. Lex insinuates at Clark about secrets and lies. "You mean like hiding things from your best friend?" Clark snarks back. Oh, Lex is his best friend now? Clark is an assy best friend. "You tell me, Lex," Clark says. God. Clark is such a bitch. Clark asks why Lex changed Lana's ticket. Lex thinks Clark is talking about upgrading her to First Class, not changing the date, so we get a Frasier-style misunderstanding. Lex says it was an open-ended ticket. "So she didn't say goodbye to you either," Clark mopes. Clark heard from the new Talon owner's daughter that Lana left today. Lex tells Clark that the new owner doesn't have a daughter. Oops! Background checks, Clark. Always background check.

Behind The Talon, Clark is waiting for Alanis. He confronts her: Lana never got on any plane, according to Lex's sources. "Like you care. You weren't a very good friend if you were going to let her go away," says Alanis. Clark demands to know where Lana went. Alanis says that Clark was nicer to her when she was little and told her he was different, too. She superspeeds off and through a brick wall. Clark follows, but is stymied by these bricks. Isn't there another way to get to the other side of them? Clark doesn't think so. Stupid, stupid bricks!

The offices of The Torch at night. Chloe has got some negatives on a light board. Papa Luthor overtakes the doorway and greets her. Papa Luthor is there to ask for help. Not to kill her, like I first thought. Chloe asks what he could possibly want with her. "Your friendship," he says, letting that hang in the air before adding, "with Lana Lang." He tells her that the daughter of his friend, a girl in his care, is missing. Chloe snarks that she'll congratulate the girl when she sees her. Papa Luthor says that the father is missing, too. He shows her a photo of Alanis and says she was Lana's best childhood friend. "The girl is...sick. Very sick," he says. Papa Luthor says he'll expect a call from Chloe about it if she hears anything. Chloe stares at the photo and looks worried.

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