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The Ross Is Off The Bloom

Lana's glass house. Lana is brooding while Creepy Alanis has served tea for two. Lana gets a sneaky idea. She smiles and asks if Alanis would like more tea. Alanis smiles and nods enthusiastically. Lana pours imaginary tea. Then she cracks the girl in the fucking head with the teapot! It shatters. Ow! I'm sorry, but I know this girl is holding Lana captive and all, but given that she has a child's brain (the girl, not Lana, although sometimes I wonder), I'm just not down with breaking a ceramic pot on her face. Call me a pushover. Lana grabs the keys and escapes. Whee! She runs, runs, runs through the barn. She finds two bodies wrapped in plastic. Lana yelps, then keeps running. Alanis is waiting for her. She doesn't have a mark on her. "You're not my friend anymore," she says, angrily.

Torch. Clark IDs the Alanis photo for Chloe and says it's Creepy Crazy Little Girl. Clark says they found her dad's car abandoned outside The Talon. Chloe guesses that Papa Luthor took custody of her after what happened last time at the bridge. Chloe says that the girl has also picked up a bad habit of walking through walls. Clark says that Papa Luthor's probably trying to find her before Lex gets to the girl. Chloe asks what Lex has to do with this. Clark, as he probably shouldn't, reveals that Lex has been working with the FBI to bring down Papa Luthor. Chloe asks why Clark didn't reveal the thing about Papa Luthor killing Lex's grandparents. Clark says they never had hard evidence of that, and the last time Lex followed that line of inquiry, he almost got killed. Chloe says that if they find the girl, they can show that Papa Luthor's been cloning people illegally. She wonders why the girl didn't escape earlier if she had the ability to leave whenever she wanted. Clark thinks it's because of Lana leaving. Yeah, that doesn't really answer the question, does it? Chloe asks how you'd keep someone around if you were Alanis. Clark says you'd make things the way they were when she and Lana were little. Clark rushes to the computer to test out his cockamamie theory. Chloe asks if Clark used to watch them play when they were neighbors. Clark says they used to spend more time at Creepy Crazy Little Girl's house. He says they have to figure out where it was they played. He's going to find that on Google? Clark looks up "Property Records" on the computer. Fun.

Back at the glass prison, Lana lies on the bed, tied down with rope. Alanis says, "Bye Lana," and leaves her in the cell. Lana calls after her and struggles with the ropes. Alanis -- who has no real motivations to speak of in this episode -- starts to kill her bestest friend by releasing smoke into the cell from some jury-rigged smoke pipe. Did this girl study engineering from her children's books? Lana starts to cough immediately. This is some dumb shit, right here.

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