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Whitesnake Moan

(Nobody is your last chance at happiness, although the line should give us pause w/r/t Sheila, considering how horrible Frank actually is.) Anyway, among the mail are several billion bills -- liquor, strip clubs, a replacement flatscreen for the Alibi, bunch of coke -- and of course, the cards he used for all this are in the names of the Gallagher children. Fiona heads over to Kev's to yell about that, and when she gets there Frank is considering going out for Bumfights. The lesbian barmaid is like, "Um, yeah, I do think you could pass for homeless, dude," and then Fiona comes in screaming. Long pointless Teabagger speech about the usual shit, racism and Obama and immigration and tax dollars, and she tries to take a stand in the middle of this but it goes nowhere.

Linda is right up Kash's ass about the gun and the stealing, so at least he came clean about that, but notes that Mickey is a sociopath and that shooting him would not really have offended the neighborhood. Ian comes in wearing that jacket and she accuses him of stealing the money for it, and points out the cc cameras she's finally installed, and she's very creepy and hairy-eyebally and paranoid. To be, of course, she has every right.

Sheila plays with all of Karen's old toys, pulling out box after box and presenting them to Liam. The best part here, thanks to Cusack, is when she pulls out a baby doll and a Bratz doll and then babytalks him about "Which one do you like better? The baby? Or the whore?" He picks the whore; she switches to Karen's Easy-Bake Oven. In a bit, he's rocking on this horse and she gets super creepy for a second about whether or not she's allowed to touch him, and finally strips off her oven mitts and strokes his face, and it's so sweet and sad and she's so amazing and brittle that you can hear Jaws music already.

Veronica and Kev have decided to get a foster child, starting next week, because they're thinking about kids and also because it's $384 a month. Fiona complains about the credit wreckage of this latest Frank thing and finally Veronica is like, "Steve is not wrong that you are about to blow your stack. Go to the hotel." Fiona heads into her usual speech and Veronica finally just shakes her head: "You are being stupid. You do actually have choices. You are choosing the wrong choice, right now, by saying you have no choices." And if it were anybody but V, that would probably make it worse, but you actually do have to consider it when she says stuff.

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