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Julie opens a letter in the mailroom and reads it. Cut to her at the loft, telling Ben that she found her birth mother. Julie breathlessly explains that she's been looking for a long time, but now this detective she hired off the internet found her in four days. Julie only had her mother's maiden name to go on, but she's married now, and her name is Carol Anderson. Julie reads the description from the letter, and explains that her mother gave her up when she was eighteen in college. Ben is slightly skeptical about whether or not this woman is really Julie's mom. Julie is completely sure. Ben thinks it's got to be weird for Julie. Julie is just excited. Ben asks what she's going to do now. Julie says she's going to go knock on Carol's door. Ben asks what happens if Carol doesn't want to see her. Julie says, "If she didn't give me a choice when she gave me up, why should she get a choice now?" Whatever, Julie. Why are you still on this show?

Richard and some other guy beat up the candy machine. Noel runs up and asks what's going on. Richard explains that the machine took his money and didn't give up the candy. Noel tells him to stop beating on the machine. Richard complains that Noel said they were getting new machines. Noel says that those are the new ones. Richard thinks that they are junky and used. Noel says that they are actually refurbished and he got a deal. Okay, the RA would so not be in charge of getting new candy machines, but whatever. Richard says that instead of buying one new machine that works, Noel bought two crappy ones that don't. Noel says it seemed like a good idea at the time. Richard tells Noel that he's unfit to be an RA, and that he can't wait until he gets to fill out an evaluation about Noel. As Richard stomps off, Natasha (the Eastern European mafia chick) says that she can help, because her cousin Yuri can get anything. Noel says that they tried that once, and "a kid almost died from Estonian chocolate poisoning." The woman tells Noel that he'll get a cut of the profits from Yuri's machine. Noel wonders if that's legal. Natasha tells Noel to come to her family's warehouse and meet with Yuri. Noel wonders why Yuri can't come there. Natasha says that they always do business the same way -- the family way.

Felicity checks her mail. Did you ever notice that they spend a lot of time checking their mail in the first season and then never again? Blair walks up and says hello. Felicity is so startled that she drops her mail all over the floor. Blair helps her pick it up and starts walking away. Blair asks if they are cool, and Felicity says that she has a class. Blair walks after her and says again, "So, we are cool?" Felicity says that she saw Blair kissing Tara at the library, and that he must have seen Felicity too, which is why he keeps asking if they're cool. Felicity gives him a look of disgust and walks away. Blair asks, "Is this why you're tripping? I wasn't even in the library yesterday." I hate Blair just because he said "tripping." Felicity says that she saw him. Blair says that he really wasn't there, and then asks why, if she saw him, he didn't see her. Um, because he was too busy sucking face with Tara. Felicity says that Blair was turned around. Blair says that she saw the back of some black guy's head, so she assumes it was Blair. Felicity doesn't answer, so Blair says, "Whatever," and walks away. Oh, "whatever" yourself, Blair. Asshole.

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