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Felicity tells Sally she read somewhere that eyewitness testimony is the most unreliable "because of the human factor." Felicity says that she wouldn't bet her life that it was Blair at the library, and Elena seems really happy. Felicity has decided that the truth will eventually out, so she's just going to stay out of it. Yeah, right.

Felicity leaves a note for Noel on a white board on his door. But he opens the door surprising her, and gives her a big kiss. Felicity laughs and asks if he's drunk. Noel says that he kind of is, because Natasha's family likes vodka and sausages, and he adds that Natasha has never brought a boyfriend around. Felicity is confused. Noel admits that he had to pretend to be Natasha's boyfriend in order to get a good deal on a vending machine, and then he babbles about Yuri while Felicity looks at him, bemused. Noel tells her not to be jealous. Felicity says that she's probably supposed to be, but that it's just too sad. Elena walks up and very seriously asks Felicity if she can talk to her. Felicity says, "Sure," and hesitantly follows Elena down the hall. FVO says, "The only time I've ever been to the principal's office was in the fourth grade. This boy kept calling me Fellatio Porter, and even though I didn't know what that meant, I put twenty-seven packets of salt into his orange juice cup. I remember that feeling of walking into the unknown. I think the anticipation was almost scarier than anything else. Almost." I just had to include that quote because "Fellatio Porter" cracked me up. Felicity reaches Elena's room, and sees Blair and Tara sitting inside, waiting for her. Felicity slowly enters the room, and Elena closes the door.

Felicity sits on the bed. Elena paces back and forth and says, "You saw Blair and Tara kissing in the stacks." Felicity timidly asks if that's a question or a statement. Elena adds that Blair said Felicity saw them. Blair clarifies that he said that Felicity thought she saw them. Elena looks pissed. Blair explains that Tara was upset about her breakup, and he was comforting her. He went to kiss her on the cheek, and it ended up on the lips, and he didn't immediately pull away. Elena commands, "Show me." Tara looks horrified. Elena wants them to show her how a mistake like that could happen. Tara thinks Elena is tripping. Tara and Blair really do belong together. Blair and Tara reenact the kiss, without actually kissing. Elena asks Felicity if that's what she saw. Felicity says that she doesn't know. Blair apologizes to Felicity for lying about it, but says that he panicked. Felicity says that it could have been what she saw, and adds that it happened to Noel and his mom. I'm sure Noel appreciates her spreading that story around.

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