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Noel sees Ben getting some food from the vending machine. Noel says that he never pictured Ben as "a Payday kind of guy." Ben asks Noel, "You picture me?" Noel says that he needed something to say, and that's what came out. Ben says that the candy bar is for Julie, and takes off. Noel puts some money into the vending machine. He makes a selection, and nothing comes out. He starts beating on the vending machine.

Julie sits in her room, writing. Ben comes in with the candy bar. She immediately covers up whatever she was writing. Ben says that Julie didn't come by last night. Julie mumbles some excuse, and Ben says that he's been thinking about what happened. Julie says that she just freaked out a little. Ben knows that it must be hard to know where Carol lives, but he thinks Julie should take some time off from the whole thing. Julie asks what he means. Ben thinks that Julie should write Carol a letter instead of showing up at her door. Julie says that she's already started writing one, and pulls out the paper that she hid when Ben walked in. Julie says she's been writing for an hour, and all she has come up with is, "Dear Carol: I've..." Julie is being a huge bitch in this scene, by the way. Ben thinks it's good that she's writing a letter. Julie says, "Ben, look. I've thought about this, a lot, and definitely more than you. So, thank you for your insight, but this is definitely not your problem." Ben asks, "Not my problem?" Julie says that Ben keeps urging her to wait and be sure. Ben says that he cares about her and worries about what happens to her, and wonders what would happen if Julie were to show up at Carol's door, and Carol rejected her. Ben doesn't know if Julie would be able to handle that. Julie pauses and then says that she doesn't know how she would have gotten through all of the Krakow stuff without Ben, and that he was incredible, but that this is different. She turns back to her books, clearly unwilling to talk about it any more. Yeah, God forbid your boyfriend try to prevent you from being hurt. Ben just says, "Okay," and leaves, because his girlfriend has gone insane. Julie wads up her letter and tosses it aside.

Elena sits in the cafeteria, reading. Blair sits down next to her and says hello. He shows her two tickets to a Joshua Redman concert, and adds that Elena won't have to talk to him at the concert, since she's obviously still mad. Elena gathers her things together, wordlessly, and starts to leave. Blair asks how long she's going to keep "kicking [him] to the curb." Why can't he talk like a normal person? Elena kisses Blair on the cheek, and says it will take until she can get the picture of him and Tara kissing out of her head. Burn! I hope Noel is around to rescue Blair from the fire that Elena just started with that burn.

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