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Julie knocks and enters Felicity's room. Felicity says that she hasn't seen Julie in forever, but she's just about to run out to a study session with Elena. Julie asks Felicity why she makes tapes to Sally instead of writing. Felicity says that it's easier to express what she's feeling when she talks, and she doesn't censor herself like she does when she writes. Julie asks if she can borrow Felicity's tape recorder. Felicity asks what's going on. Julie says that it's a long story, and that she'll tell Felicity after class tomorrow. Felicity picks up her tape recorder and tells Sally that she has to end the tape early, because she's loaning the recorder to Julie. Felicity holds up the recorder so that Julie can say hello, then closes out the tape. She pops it out and hands Julie the recorder. Then there's, like, five totally unnecessary minutes of Felicity zipping up her backpack, putting on her coat, and leaving the room.

Noel talks to Yuri at the warehouse. Yuri says that Natasha likes Noel, so Yuri will give him a high-tech vending machine. Yuri compares the machine to "a fine woman -- you give her money, you pull her knobs." Ew! Natasha agrees with me. Yuri says that Noel can pay for the machine with a cut of his profits, and that it will take about a year. Noel appears relieved that the whole process is over. Yuri hands him a beer, and they toast the new machine. One of the guys from the other day walks in and calls Noel over. Noel thinks the guy wants to arm-wrestle again. The guy says he knows that Noel is not Natasha's boyfriend. Noel tries to deny it, but the guy says that he knows his little sister. Ah, he's Natasha's brother. I didn't get that earlier. He explains that he knows that Noel must be a good friend to pretend to be her boyfriend. The guy wants to arm-wrestle again. Noel beats him handily and everyone laughs.

Julie picks up Felicity's tape recorder and, after a few false starts, begins talking to Carol. Julie explains who she is, and that she's been searching for Carol for a long time. She says that she's had a pretty good life so far. She loves her parents, and is a freshman in college, majoring in music. Julie says that there's always been something missing. She tells people that it's a hole, but it's more like a question that remained unanswered. Julie says that she looks in the mirror and wonders where her brown eyes come from, or why her nose turns up at the end, or why she loves guitar, or why she can eat three candy bars per day and not get fat. Julie says she doesn't want anything from Carol, like money, but she wants to meet her, even just once, so that she can "finally see [herself] reflected in someone else." Julie concludes that she wonders if Carol ever thinks about her too, and concludes, "Thank you for my life." I guess that was supposed to be touching, but it did nothing for me.

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