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Elena and Felicity study. Elena says that she never thanked Felicity for staying out of the Blair situation, because she probably wouldn't have believed him if Felicity had told her about it first. Felicity asks if Elena has forgiven Blair, and Elena says that she has. Felicity asks about Tara. Elena says that Tara made a mistake and apologized, so it's over. Felicity thinks that's big of her. Elena says, "If you can't trust your friends, who can you trust?" Felicity looks up sharply, obviously thinking about something. She stands and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Elena tells her to use a paper towel to open the door, because she saw a thing on Oprah where they found "traces of semen" on seven out of ten door handles. Felicity asks if Elena just said "traces of semen." Elena confirms it. Felicity looks disgusted. As you do.

Felicity walks among the stacks while mysterious music plays. She spots Donal Logue, sitting at his usual study carrel, talking to himself. Felicity walks by, then reconsiders and walks back. Donal says that he's working, and starts listing off what Felicity was wearing last time he saw her. Felicity asks him about the two people who took his space after her. Donal describes Blair. Felicity asks him if Blair and Tara ever made out in his space before that. Donal says that they did it three times. He goes on to describe what they were wearing each time. Felicity walks off as Donal babbles on.

Felicity returns to the study table, where Elena asks if she can look at a door handle the same way. Felicity sighs, and Elena asks what's up. Felicity says that there might be an explanation, but she's pretty sure that what happened between Blair and Tara wasn't a mistake. Elena is pissed. Felicity apologizes and explains that she wasn't totally honest earlier. Elena says that if Blair said it was a mistake, then it was a mistake. Felicity explains about the weird guy in the stacks who saw Blair and Tara making out on multiple occasions. Elena asks if Felicity is saying this because they are friends. Felicity nods. Elena asks how close their friendship really is, and points out that Felicity has never been to her house, and that Elena has never cried in front of her, and that Felicity wasn't in the hospital when Elena's mom died. Elena adds that Tara has done all of these things. Felicity says that she's just trying to be honest about what she saw. Elena says that believing Felicity means that Tara is lying to her face, and Elena can't do that. Elena gathers her things and stomps out.

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