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Elena, Tara, and Blair sit in the lounge. Tara makes a joke about Elena's last boyfriend. Blair says that he's bald by choice, and Tara says that he chooses to keep telling himself that. Elena gathers her things together. Blair asks where she's going. Elena says that she has a meeting. Blair asks what time they are going to the concert. Elena is kind of noncommittal, clearly distracted. Tara gives Blair a look like, "What's up? Does she know?"

Felicity and Noel hang out in his room. Noel reads a manual for his new vending machine while Felicity reads over his shoulder and blows in his ear and stuff. That would be so annoying. Noel says he thought she was supposed to be in the library. Felicity says that she was supposed to study with Elena, but Elena didn't call. Felicity adds that she didn't call Elena either. Noel says that Felicity was honest, so she can't be mad at herself. Felicity says that she thought she and Elena were better friends than that. Noel gives Felicity a kiss and goes back to his manual. These two haven't had sex yet and they are hanging out, alone, in the middle of the day, reading a vending machine manual together? Yeah, that's a hot relationship.

Some guy answers phones at Anderson Design. Julie walks in and asks where Carol Anderson's office is. The guy tells her to go upstairs. Julie slowly walks up the stairs. There is another receptionist up there. Julie asks where Carol Anderson's office is. The receptionist asks Julie if she's there for the internship, and starts to hand her an application. Julie stammers out a protest, but just then Carol Anderson (played by Jane Kaczmarek) walks up and collects her mail. Julie checks her out and stares at her longingly. The receptionist says, "Helloooo?" Julie grabs the application and runs out. At least now we know where FOX looks for people to star in its sitcoms. We've already seen Donal Logue and Jane Kaczmarek. Who's next? Topher Grace?

Noel walks up to his new vending machine, puts in some money, and makes a selection. His candy gets stuck on the coil and won't come out. Bitches.

Elena sits in her room, thinking. She gets up and picks up the phone to call Blair. She tells him that she can't go to the concert because she needs to study. She tells Blair to go to the concert anyway. He agrees pretty quickly. She sighs and says she'll see him tomorrow, then hangs up.

Julie knocks on Ben's door. He answers, and they stare at each other for a minute. Ben reluctantly lets her in.

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