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Wait -- What Airline Was That, Again?

Hall. Mr. Schue's on his way to post that unnecessary audition sign-up sheet when Becky Jackson -- who's sporting her civvies, not-so-incidentally -- and her mom approach to request a private chat. One quick slide over to the auditorium later, and we're listening in as Becky declares, "I want to be in Glee Club." "Why?" Mr. Schue does not directly wonder, though Becky's explanation is quick enough in coming: Sue unceremoniously booted Becky from the Cheerios -- which we witness in a quick, almost throwaway sideways smear to earlier that morning -- and poor Becky's been at loose ends ever since. "Becky's been totally depressed," Mrs. Becky claims, adding, "She hasn't been eating." And it would be remiss of me not to point out at this juncture that, according to this episode's apparent timeline, this would mean that Poor Becky has not been eating for all of two or three hours. Crisis! For his part, Mr. Schue pulls a totally dick move and denies Poor Becky a spot in Glee by claiming that the club's focus on Nationals is far too intense at the moment to allow for any new members, despite the fact that Poor Becky's evidently proven herself in the past to be quite the competent assistant for Sue, and God knows Will could use as much help as possible when it comes to getting his shit together, but whatever. The fact that none of this makes any sense whatsoever isn't really important, I suppose, because this entire subplot's been crammed into this episode only so that Sue might experience some sort of Moment Of Grace at the end of the hour, and because of that, I'll be doing my best to ignore it.

Unfortunately, I can't, because the very next scene begins with Will storming into the near-empty teachers' lounge, where he immediately pounces upon Sue with, "You are a terrible person! Becky was loyal to you, Cheerios gave her a sense of purpose, and then you just rip it away from her for no reason!" "I do have a reason," Sue calmly replies. "She reminds me of my sister." "What does that have to do with anything?" Will splutters. Sue: "She died yesterday."

Insert comedic needle scratch here.

Or don't, actually, because this is one of those moments wherein Glee suddenly decides it will become Very Terribly Serious Indeed, and we in the audience have one of two choices to make: Go with it, or reject this development for the shamelessly manipulative ploy that it is. Guess which option I'll be going with this evening. But please don't think I'm terribly happy about it, especially because Jane Lynch takes this wretched and vaguely insulting material and turns it into one of the best, most effective, and most affective performances she's ever given us on this show, and it depresses me to no end to see so wonderful an actress so woefully abused. Granted, if we're being honest about it, she's been woefully abused for pretty much the entire season, with Sue gradually morphing from the hysterically nasty yet intensely focused nemesis she once was into an out-of-control psychotic whackjob entirely lacking in apparent purpose, but still. The bottom line is, they lost me immediately with this little plot bomb, and the subsequent storyline that stretches out from it will, at best, annoy me whenever it pops up for the rest of the evening, despite a fantastic and deeply felt performance from Ms. Lynch.

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