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Wait -- What Airline Was That, Again?

Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes: Kurt, a bit shell-shocked at Jesse's brutal honesty, staggers off stage as Jesse leans in to Will's ear to whisper, "Usually at this point, the reality show would go to commercial, and we would take a five-minute break to regroup and get touch-ups done on our makeup, so I'm gonna hit the little boys' room!" "You're doing a great job, though," Jesse grins, barely able to contain his obvious merriment. "I really think you should comment more!" he adds, offering Will an encouraging pat on the back. "Don't be shy!" With that, Jesse darts off screen, and we head into the next commercial break, because he apparently wasn't kidding about touching up his makeup.

Music Room. Kurt enters, immediately post-audition, to vent his rage, and there's a lot of hurl-inducing spinny camera work between him, Rachel, Mercedes, and Santana as the four bicker about Jesse St. James's bona fides for a bit until Mercedes rises from her chair to head out to the auditorium and "wrap this thing up like a Christmas present." Sassy!

And with little introduction but a tremendous amount of fanfare, the ever-mute Jazz Ensemble's horn section starts in with the opening notes of Otis Redding's version of "Try A Little Tenderness," and what's the term I'm searching for, here? "Vocal fry"? If "vocal fry" sounds like what I think it sounds like, then we're getting a lot of it from Mercedes on this one. I do hope she's not performing it like this at this summer's live shows, because she's going to blow out her pipes before they're halfway through the tour, and everyone knows that a laryngitic Mercedes is a very sad Mercedes indeed.

And when it's over, Mr. Schue takes Jesse St. James's pre-commercials advice to heart, gushing at length regarding Mercedes's growth as a performer over the last couple of years. "You're not a star," Jesse interrupts abruptly, "you're just a girl who can really sing." "Excuse me?" Mercedes howls into the microphone. Jesse, undeterred, continues, "I don't think you want this badly enough, Mercedes -- how many times did you practice that song?" Mercedes claims she's all about being "in the moment" with her music, and then she gets all, "Practice? I don't need no stinking practice!" "Actually, you do," Jesse once again correctly points out. "And how long did you work on that choreography?" he sarcastically adds before mock-realizing, "Oh, wait -- there was none!" "You're lazy," he concludes. "Whoever gets this solo is gonna have to work on it day and night -- do you think you're ready for that?" "I do!" Mr. Schue chimes in. "I don't," Jesse just as quickly replies and, after a glowering beat, Mercedes retreats, dragging the mike stand into the wings with her.

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