Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

Previously on Felicity, Ben finds out that Bitchy-TV-Maggie is married, and David tells Felicity that he's not sure if he's ready to trust again.

We begin with a profile shot of Felicity sitting on the end of her bed, dictating a tape to Sally in the half-light. ["Isn't Felicity always sitting in the half-light while she makes tapes? It's kind of like walking down the street in slow motion, in terms of recurring moments on this show." -- Kim] She's telling Sally that she's met someone who's had a real effect on her life. He's mysterious and she doesn't know his name or where he is from. During this description we get shots of a cute little dog. Felicity names this stray dog that she has found: Lucky. Let's examine this: her boyfriend has the same haircut that she has, only it is a different colour, and her dog has the same hair colour and almost curly "style." How very interesting. I wonder if she's looked up narcissism in her old Psych 101 textbook lately. Anyway, she also tells Sally that things have been going very well with David. In fact, she found the dog one morning, on her way back from David's place.

Felicity knocks on Elena and Knoll's door, with the dog in her arms. Elena opens the door and says, "What the hell is that?" Felicity whines about finding the dog in the street when she was walking back from David's place and says, "Isn't he so cute?" Elena says, "Cute for what?" Felicity asks to come in and Elena wonders "what kind of diseases [she's] going to track in here." Felicity assures her that the dog doesn't have any diseases. Elena shoots back, "Not him, you." Felicity tells her that she didn't have mono, she had the flu. Elena reluctantly admits them to the apartment. Felicity puts the dog down and Elena asks her, "What do you mean, 'walking back from David's?' Are you spending the night there?" Felicity tells her that last night was the first night. Lucky sniffs around the furniture and none too subtly, Felicity says he feels at home. Elena derails her plan and says that she won't be adopting a "retarded dog." What's retarded about the dog? Is she saying that because he has the same hairdo as Felicity? I think it would have been more accurate if she had called him a goofy-looking dog. I don't like gratuitous use of the word "retarded." They sit down on the sofa and Elena asks, "So, didya score?" Quite indignantly, Felicity answers, "No, I didn't score." She explains to Elena that they're taking things slowly and that David wants to stay in tonight for dinner and a movie. Elena informs Felicity that this is "universal code" for wanting to get it on. Knoll arrives home and immediately is taken with the dog because he looks just like Woofie, his Boston neighbour's dog. Knoll proceeds to play with Lucky and he explains that when he was growing up he couldn't have a dog because of a severe allergy which would always result in a rash and his respiratory system's shutting down. Knoll is psyched that he seems to have outgrown his allergy, because that means that he "finally get[s] to play with Woofie." The dog runs into Knoll's room and Knoll follows. Felicity asks Elena if Lucky can stay at the apartment until she can find a permanent place for him to live. Elena wonders why Felicity's good deed has to turn into Elena's good deed. Elena says that it's up to Knoll. He reappears sniffling and with a rash on the side of his neck and face, and declares that he must still be allergic. Roll opening credits.

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