Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

It seems to be the next day, and Knoll arrives at the apartment to find Felicity and Elena talking. He asks if "Cujo" is there, then says, "It's so nice to come home to your own house and not be attacked by a dog." Okay, that's not over-dramatizing things much, Knoll. Elena announces that Lucky is over at David's place. Then she tells Felicity to "ask Knoll." Felicity declares that she's "not talking to Knoll about this." Elena says that he "has first-hand experience with it." Knoll wants to know what they mean. Elena says, "Felicity's sex issues." He knowingly says, "Oooh." Felicity says, "Don't say 'oooh' like you understand." Elena leaves them alone. Felicity tells Knoll that she's not talking to him about it. Then she does just that. She admits that she hasn't slept with David and Knoll admits that he has slept with Ruby. Felicity says, "So, my advisee is healthier than I am." I'd just say that Ruby isn't as picky as Felicity is and leave it at that. It really bugs me that Felicity's choosiness is regarded -- by people who shouldn't even care -- as a mental health issue. Felicity says some rubbish about sex meaning too much to her which is why she never ends up doing it. Knoll tells her that he's glad that he didn't sleep with her. He said that since he has slept with Ruby, the mystery is gone. This scene is beginning to annoy me so much. Felicity and Knoll's stupid conversation comes to an end when David phones to tell Felicity that Lucky is sick. Gee, maybe he contracted something when he bit Knoll. She leaves to go pick up Lucky.

In room 1125, Bitchy-TV-Maggie is speaking to a customer and taking notes, while Ben, who is still in bed with her, tries to distract her by kissing her. He pokes around in her organizer and sees photos of her with her husband. I guess he imagines it is her husband, but maybe it is another boyfriend. In any case, Bitchy-TV-Maggie snatches the organizer away from and hangs up the phone. Ben rolls over in bed.

In the veterinary clinic, Felicity and Elena are STILL talking about Felicity not sleeping with David. Elena acknowledges that she has been pushing Felicity pretty hard and when Felicity agrees with her, she seems miffed. Felicity ends up admitting that she is the one with the problem. Whatever. Just then, the vet comes out to tell Felicity that Lucky has distemper (now I'm sure that he got it from Knoll) and that it is incurable. She can either "let the disease run its course, which is very painful, or put him down." The vet says that she is sorry.

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