Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky

Over at David's place, Felicity is at the door with the dog in her arms. He has a surprise for her. He bought a big cage for Lucky so that he and they will all be comfortable. Felicity stammers and David asks what is wrong. Instead of telling him about Lucky's condition, she stammers so more and tells him that she isn't in a great mood. After more stammering from Felicity, David gets angry that she seems to care more about the dog than him and mentions that he spent $90 on the cage. Felicity wonders if that means that she owes him. He says that he is "making every effort to make this work." Without telling him the whole truth about Lucky, Felicity leaves. ["If I were Felicity, the $90 remark would have decided me on the David issue. What a dink!" -- Wing Chun]

It seems that Felicity and Lucky have spent the night on the sofa at Knoll and Elena's place. Lucky has had a bad night and Felicity has decided to have him put down. Knoll offers to go with her, as well he should since he has given the dog a fatal illness. Felicity accepts his offer.

At the clinic, Lucky is on a gurney and Felicity is saying goodbye to him; Knoll is not offering much support by reminding her of Lucky's bad points. David arrives. He has spoken to Elena and found out the whole story. Knoll leaves and says that he'll call later. David says that he wishes that Felicity had told him everything the night before. The vet returns and Felicity says her final goodbyes.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier is scooping the centre out of a danish with his index finger, and says, "That poor dog. I'm going to cry." Ben begs him not to cry. Javier says, "I'm sorry you know; I'm very emotional. I'm not like you. I'm not this brute. I have emotions." Ben snidely says, "Right, you're an animal psychic." Javier cries, "It's, you know, Mami didn't like him, but he was a sweetie-pie, you know?" A man arrives at the counter and Ben turns to see that it is the man from Bitchy-TV-Maggie's photos. Ben tries to duck out but Javier is too overcome, "too crimson" to deal with customers, so Ben is stuck. Bitchy-TV-Maggie's husband is there to order a cake that Bitchy-TV-Maggie really likes. It is for their anniversary and he requests that they put a butterfly on it with frosting. Ben says "Okay," but he doesn't even ask for any of the details or his name. Way to play it cool, Ben.

At David's place, he and Felicity are sitting and talking about Lucky. Felicity tells him that she "was using the dog as an excuse." She details her sexual history and says that she's "never done it with someone [she] cared about it. So it would be like [her] first time." David tells her that before he met her, he didn't want to get involved with anyone. They both agree that they have a good thing going on that neither of them wants to screw up. David tells her that he can wait if she is not ready. Felicity thanks him and they start making out. After some heavy breathing, Felicity decides that she doesn't want to wait. The sex/death paradox is writ large across this scene. Lucky the dog has become the Lucky God, and all of Felicity's issues disappear. What. Ev. Er. I still wish that David had viable window coverings. Felicity's voice-over says, "Like I said, Lucky had a profound effect on me." Okay, we get it.

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