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They're Baaaaaaack

That sound you hear is me actually falling off my couch and losing a lung or two with convulsive laughter. The rumor is that Pasdar and Masi improvised this whole scene and I totally believe it. What I don't believe is that there aren't several minutes of outtakes of the two of them just fucking losing it while shooting. Again, DVD? Better be on there.

Nathan equates Hiro's "villain" remark with the Exploding Man painting. They walk over to take a look. "You think a human being can actually cause an explosion?" asks Nathan. Hiro thinks that since he has power and Nathan has power, possibly this Exploding Man has power too, and they must stop him. "I think I can help," whispers Nathan. We zoom in on the painting... and cut to a Unabomber shack in the middle of the Nevada desert. Bright flashes of light explode from the windows. Inside, Ted "Flamer" Sprague is sitting at a table, attempting to control his radioactive hands. It's not going terribly well. All he seems to be able to do is create balls of fire in each of his hands but they disappear almost as quickly as they appear.

Odessa. Claire's leading Zach to Suicide Central. ["Can I just say how funny it is that the show's method of turning Zach straight seems to have been to make him look really, really dirty. Like, we get it, you like chicks now. Brush your teeth." -- Joe R] She's trying to get him to remember when they visited this place before, but he thinks she's fucking with him. She tells him to keep the camera on her no matter what. He asks why she doesn't just use a tripod, and she says it's because she can't do this alone, and that he knows how to keep a secret. That is, he did, until he forgot what the secret was. "When we were 'best friends'?" he snarks. Claire just sighs and asks if he's ready. He stops her. "Claire, I'm sure you... told me this before, but, um, why are we videotaping this?" "Actually," she says, "I didn't tell you that before. The first time I did this, I did it to show my parents. My real parents. I wanted them to see what I was. I thought they could help me understand. But I don't think I'm ever gonna meet them. They not even be alive anymore." Now, she wants to tape it for herself, so she never forgets what she is, no matter what happens to her. She smiles. "Look, just don't freak out, okay?" "I won't," he says. "You said that last time," she calls over her shoulder.

Claire makes the climb to the top of the structure and tells him to keep the camera on her. Suddenly, Zach realizes what she's doing as she climbs over the edge of a railing and asks her what the hell she's doing. Claire just jumps to her death as Zach watches, stunned. He immediately runs over to her, but she's already up before he gets there. She grunts as she shoves several of her bones back into her body. Zach tapes everything. "This is Claire Bennett, and as far as you know, that was attempt number one." Awwwwww yeah. She's got her buddy back! Yay!

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