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They're Baaaaaaack

Sybil Dorset Memorial Prison. D.L. and Micah are visiting Niki. She doesn't know how much longer she's going to be in there because they're sending her to the psych ward for evaluation. "She's here," says Niki. "Jessica. She came out. She tried to escape. She hurt one of the guards." D.L. says that maybe a shrink can help her deal with Jessica. Niki swears that Jessica isn't just in her head, she's real. D.L. reaches through the glass to hold her hand, saying that he should never have let her get herself thrown into prison. Micah gets on the phone and he says he wants her to come home. She says she can't and hopes that, one day, he'll understand why.

Niki then turns and starts begging the guard to let her hold her son, which, um, has she never seen ANY movie ever set in prison? No hugging allowed! But she keeps begging anyway, and the guard's like, yeah, nutbar, whatevs, and Niki gets up in order to continue pleading her case and the guard's like, BACK UP, JEEVES, and Niki's all, pleeeeease, and the guard's all, TASTE MY NIGHTSTICK, and then WHAM! He brings the stick down, Niki stops it in mid-swing and breaks it in half with a quick, painless snap. And she looks pretty damn surprised about it as well. She immediately drops the two pieces and the guards move on her and slam her up against the glass and I am so damn happy that Niki finally got a clue that her super-strength don't just belong to Jessica.

Fugly Scarf Land. Mohinder is just returning to the apartment. The Scarf of Fugly Colors is plotting out its plan of attack from a coat closet across the room. Mohinder looks at the lizard cage and wonders aloud what Eden fed Mohinder the Lizard. "They eat crickets," says Bennett from the shadows. "Lots of crickets." "You," says Mohinder, rather stupidly, if I do say so myself. Bennett appears to have a gun, so Mohinder asks if he's come to add him to The Dead List. Bennett's all, that really depends -- I'd like to talk about Eden. See, she worked for me and she was a good person. Mohinder's all, sure -- all spies are good people; they're just misunderstood! Bennett claims that Eden cared about Mohinder, maybe a bit too much. "She was... special," he says. "She had an ability?" asks Mohinder. "What was it?" The second question is acceptable. The first is not. Because OF COURSE she has an ability, you jackass. She's ON THE LIST. Lord.

Bennett just says that Eden used her ability wisely, unlike other people on The List. He says that not everyone who has special powers deserves them. Mohinder's like, uh, way to sit up on your high horse and judge, homie. He asks just who the hell Bennett is and Bennet just says that he made a mistake by not coming to Mohinder sooner. He thinks they need to help each other. Mohinder's like, dude? You've been spying on me for WEEKS. Fuck you and the horn-rimmed glasses you rode in on. Mohinder asks why on earth he would help Bennett and there's a pause. "You need me, don't you?" says Mohinder. "My father, he knew more than you do." "From what we could observe, yes," says Bennett. "Well, if you've been watching, then you know my father's formula doesn't work," says Mohinder.

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