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They're Baaaaaaack

"I'm invisible!" shouts Christopher Eccleston. Just then, both Christopher Eccleston and Peter realize that it's not just The Invisible Man who appears to be invisible. Hooray for Peter the Repeater!

God. Moyawnder's damn voiceover. Blah. Although, it's a damn sight shorter than it usually is, so let's cross our fingers for this trend to continue. He says that in the beginning there was discovery, a confusion of elements, a first snowfall of impossible change. We see Niki in a straightjacket, getting drugged in the middle of a padded room. Moyawnder: "Old lives undone, left behind." Bennett stares at the whacked-out Sylar through the glass. Moyawnder: "Strange faces made familiar. New nightmares to challenge sleep." Sylar slowly blinks at his new friend, Binky Hisserton Roachly the Third. Moyawnder: "New friends to feel safe with." Claire and Zach, friends again, walk away from the Suicide Scene. Moyawnder keeps talking, but I'm seriously falling asleep, so I'll just say that while he blah blahs, Hiro slings his new sword case across his shoulders and D.L. reassures his son that his mother's going to be fine. "You'd tell me the truth, right?" asks Micah. No, son. No, he wouldn't. We get a final glimpse of Niki, rocking her head back and forth, clearly upset. "They're here," says Moyawnder. "And the earth thunders underfoot." "Oh, God... " says Niki. "Please help me." She blinks, and out comes Jessica. "Who needs God when you've got me?"


Next on Heroes: Peter and Christopher Eccelston join forces, Micah has a secret, and Claire calls her real mother.

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