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They're Baaaaaaack

House of Bennetts. Claire's parked in front of the kitchen TV watching a newscast about Jackie's horrible death. Papa Bennett is behind her, making pancakes. Claire's worried that the kids at school are going to ask her questions about the whole homecoming thing. Only problem is, she can't remember anything. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Like, isn't that strange, Daddy? Claire deftly needles her father about not remembering anything and then asks where he found her. Bennett's all, "Whaddya mean? 'Found you'? Uh. I didn't find you! You were adopted! Fair and square and all legal-like! No way did I steal you from another superhero or anything! Hell no!" Claire's like, "No, dork-ass. The night Jackie died. Where'd you find me?" Bennett lamely covers that he found Claire at the stadium and that she was traumatized. Claire repeats that she doesn't remember, and Bennett's all, thank FUCK you don't remember; if you did, I'd be hitting "Haitian Sensation" on the damn speed dial. Bennett puts a stack of pancakes down in front of her, and instead of eating them, she just smiles and says she has to go and walks out, pausing for a moment to let the fake smile drop from her face as she contemplates her duplicitous father. She kind of rolls her eyes beneath her lids in a hilarious gesture that telegraphs her basic disgust with the man in the horn-rimmed glasses. Heh.

Later, Bennett and his glasses are staring at a seriously whacked-out Sylar. No shit, he's flat-out on a slab in his cell, his eyes are purple and red and swollen, there's a gargantuan Madagascar hissing cockroach crawling around his head. He looks like a plate of warmed-over three-week-old shit. Bennett's discussing Sylar's genetic makeup with one of his henchdoctors. Several posters have identified the henchdoctor as the guy who impersonated Claire's biological father during the "Better Halves" episode, and, judging by the fact that the actor's name, Corey French, appears in both that episode and this one, I'd have to say those posters are dead-on. Anyway, Henchdoctor is telling Bennett that, other than some telekinesis, he can't find any special abilities hidden within Sylar's genetic code.

Bennett asks if Sylar's responding to the glycimerine, which is totally a made-up drug, and Henchdoctor says that he's given Sylar enough to kill an elephant, but there's still no response. "If we keep up at this rate," says the doctor, "he'll be dead by tomorrow." Bennett says that, after what Sylar did to Eden, he deserves to die. Unfortunately, the person pulling all the strings has declared that Sylar is in a no-kill shelter, so he stays alive. Bennett orders Henchdoctor to "dig deeper" and judging by Henchdoctor's expression, this isn't something he's too keen on doing.

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