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They're Baaaaaaack

Cut to a bunch of black S.W.A.T. vans screeching into the parking lot of Primatech Paper as Matt and Audrey watch from their car. Matt's been staking out Bennett's office ever since he saw the Haitian Sensation bending Bennett's ear a while back. Not really sure what Matt has to go on that would justify a raid, considering that he hasn't been able to eavesdrop on either Bennett or the Haitian Sensation pretty much at all. Audrey has her doubts too, but they go ahead with the raid.

Of course, they turn up nothing but paper. Audrey grills one of the S.W.A.T. guys, asking if he checked the basement and the stairwells. The guy's all, uh, no. We totally forgot about those places. WE'RE ONLY THE FUCKING S.W.A.T. Matt directly confronts Bennett, demanding to know where Sylar is. When Bennett feigns ignorance, Matt tries to listen in on his thoughts. Unfortunately, the Haitian Sensation is standing nearby, so he makes Matt's powers useless. Audrey snaps Matt out of it by declaring that Sylar's not there. "Nice going," she spits at him before she leaves. "Oops," says Bennett with a smirk. Heh. Not a very strategic move on Bennett's part, especially if he wants to get Matt off his ass, but a funny one nonetheless.

Museum of Natural History, NYC. Hiro and Ando have made it to the Big Apple, and now they're wandering around the museum in search of Hiro's Future Sword. Ando thinks they should be concentrating on their mission instead of the sword search. But Hiro claims that he needs his powers for the mission and that the sword will help restore his now wonky powers. We get a clue as to the timeline when Ando says that the bomb is going to hit the city in just three weeks. So... that must make it October 18, 2006 in Heroes-land. Hiro says that since he lost Charlie, his powers have continuously gotten weaker. He needs the sword to save the world. Luckily, just as he says this, they stop directly in front of an old samurai uniform that has Hiro's Future Sword attached to it. "Atta!"

After the break, we catch up with ComaPeter, who's revisiting his Future Dream once again. He has more direct interaction with Christopher Eccelston (sorry, I can't refer to him as anything but his full name; it's a problem) in this version of the dream, including a moment when Christopher Eccelston seems to throttle him. Simone enters the hospital room and hands a vase of flowers to Mama Petrelli. She goes directly over to Peter and touches his forehead, commenting that he's burning up. Yeah, but not as much as he'll be burning up come November 8th, baby!

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