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They're Baaaaaaack

Primatech Paper. Bennett's chatting up Bitchy McFussyPants. He hands her a card and she bitch-walks over to Audrey and Matt. Matt immediately pulls out a shovel and starts digging his own damn grave, spitting out that Sylar most definitely IS in this building and Bennett IS hiding him and maybe, just maybe, THERE'S A HIDDEN ROOM SOMEWHERE. Bitchy McFussyPants is all, uh, maybe, just maybe, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE EATEN AN ANT FARM FOR BREAKFAST, CRAZYBOOTS. "And maybe I can whistle the Star-Spangled Banner outta my ass," says Bitchy. Heh. She presents a tape with footage of Matt sitting outside Primatech on a two-week-long stakeout. Matt continues blathering on about how Bennett abducted him and Sprague and Bitchy's all, ooooh, you mean the guy with radioactive hands? Dude. Quit while you're behind, okay?

She benches Audrey and stomps off. Audrey goes to stomp off herself, but Matt's all, wait, where ya goin'?! Audrey's all, I can't believe that I thought you could hear peoples thoughts! Um, he heard YOUR thoughts, Audrey, remember? She tells him that she's going to get back to reality, and she suggests that he do the same. "Go home, Matt," she says. "We're done." Matt immediately turns and launches himself into Bennett, throwing the man up against some large boxes. He threatens Bennett with a promise of not giving up until he finds out where the hell Sylar is and what Bennett is up to. "Good luck with that," smirks Bennett, walking off. Hee.

Odessa High. Claire approaches Zach over by the bike rack, eliciting a smart-ass remark from him about how she's talking to him in public and how that might ruin her rep. He goes on to apologize about Jackie, saying he knows that they were best friends. Claire says she discovered that someone else was really her best friend. He asks her what happened at homecoming, and she says she can't remember, eliciting this response from him: "Yeah, uh, that's funny. I can't remember... must be something in the water, huh?" Claire tells him to look at her and then asks if he feels like they could ever be friends. He says they wouldn't play well together.

Cut to Niki, meeting with her court-appointed public defender. He's telling her that her outbursts aren't really helping. Niki says she's not fond of them either and she just wants to do her time in peace. Her lawyer's like, yeah, about that. See, the D.A. is gonna seek the death penalty. This little tidbit of information starts to throw Niki into a tizzy, and we all know what happens to Tizzy Niki, don't we? That's right. The lawyer tells her that the D.A. might ease off if she gives up the location of the two million and Niki weepingly tells him that she doesn't know anything about that. The camera pans past the lawyer's head and, when it comes out the other side, Niki is now Jessica. "Who are you trying to fool?" she asks. "You know exactly where it is." The lawyer's like, uh, you talkin' to me? "He's right, Niki," says Jessica. "We should tell them." "Stop it!" hisses Niki, reappearing. "Don't pay any attention to her!" "Pay attention to... who?" asks the lawyer. "God, who am I gonna have to screw to get outta this place?" says Jessica. "I said stop it!" whines Niki. "Aaaaaaaaarmageddon!" shouts Sybil.

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