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They're Baaaaaaack

The attorney's all, uh, what the hell is this? "What's it look like, dipstick?" snaps Jessica. "What, you're goin' psych on me?" says the lawyer. "If that's what it takes," says Jessica. He says that multiple personality disorders are a hard sell, but Jessica doesn't give a shit. She wants him to get a psychiatrist in to see her but quick. She stares him down until Niki reappears and starts gibbering about how she's not crazy. Oh, but she so very much IS. The lawyer panics and leaves as Niki sits there looking lonely and all by her crazy self.

Samurai Sword Museum. Hiro and Ando quite obviously ramble around the sword in an attempt to see how easy it would be to steal it. Not easy at all, as it turns out. They pass a security guard who looks at them suspiciously. "Which way gift store?" asks Hiro in fakely broken Engrish. The guard points the way and Hiro performs a perfect stereotypical Japanese tourist bow accompanied by a "Fank Ru." Hee. They stop and look at the sword again and Hiro decides that he has to somehow get that sword, no matter what. Looks like he's going to have to use his special powers. Unfortunately, his powers are rather weak at the moment, so this time, when he makes his stone-passing face, instead of stopping time altogether, he can only manage to slow it down a whole hell of a lot. "Good enough," he shrugs. Heh.

Hiro opens up the glass cabinet holding the sword and the alarm immediately goes off. But, since everyone's moving in slow-mo, they can't react quickly. It's like they're moving through molasses. He takes the sword and runs through the museum, coming up against a huge life-sized model of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The positioning of he and the dinosaur almost exactly mimics that of the painting Isaac did at the end of the last episode. So Hiro never actually meets a dinosaur, then. Thank god. If that'd happened, I would have knocked on Kring's door and delivered a camel poo pie to his face. Don't think I wouldn't do it, either. I think you know me well enough by now to know I damn well would.

So, while he's standing in front of the dinosaur, Hiro blinks his eyes Jeannie-style, and time returns to normal. I think it's a little stupid for him to do this while still inside the museum and I probably would have waited until I'd gotten OUTSIDE to flick the switch, but who knows what the rules are that govern time-bending? Maybe you have to be within a five foot radius of the area where the initial time-bending incident occurred or something. At any rate, Ando and everyone else "come to" and Ando immediately realizes that the sword is gone and he makes tracks for the outside world. Once there, he meets up with Hiro, who's catching his breath on the pavement. Hiro makes some aggrandizing speech about how Ando should never fail to trust him again and how he's going to be in control of his powers now and how their life of legend now begins. And then he pulls out the sword and it's just a wooden replica. The real sword? Belongs to Linderman. Yeah. He's not Professor Xavier or anything.

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