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Holy Mary, Mother of Gouda!

Act II begins with Finn retrieving Grilled Cheesus from the Holy Frigidaire. Grilled Cheese is carefully labeled with a post-it note telling the world, "Do Not Eat." Finn, praying: "What up, Grilled Cheesus? I need to ask you for something. I didn't go to Sunday school, so I don't know if God works the same as a genie and I only get three wishes, but here's the thing." The thing is that he's find Rachel to be kind of a prude, so he wants Grilled Cheesus to help him get a little boob action. If this works, Finn has just invented a religion that 90% of all teenage boys will want to join immediately. It'll be like the Children's Crusade, but instead of trying to liberate the Dome of the Rock, they'll just be trying to liberate a couple of domes.

Music room. Kurt is sitting alone when the bell rings and the other kids come in. They've clearly heard the news. And not the news about Finn's impending pilgrimage to second base -- the news about Burt. Tina just walks up to Kurt and gives him a hug. Other kids pat him on the shoulder. Santana and Brit-Brit walk up to him, and Santana tells him how sorry they were to hear the news. And then Brit-Brit hands him a card her third-grade sister made. Or, actually, "I did a book report on heart attacks, if you want to give it to the doctor. It got knocked down an entire letter grade because it was written in crayon." I was going to say that Brit-Brit doesn't quite understand the concept of a book report, but then I realized that she actually doesn't quite understand the concept of a book. And then Finn storms in, furious with Kurt because he just heard about the heart attack from his mother. Finn thinks he was entitled to hearing the news a little sooner, since Burt is the closest he'll ever get to a father. He realizes he's shouting at a kid whose father is in a coma, and quietly tells Kurt that he didn't like overhearing other people talk about the news when he hadn't heard anything himself. As a gesture of contrition, Kurt takes his bag off the seat next to him and lets Finn sit there.

Will comes in and starts to talk, but he forgot that it's student announcement time -- Mercedes wants to sing a song to let Kurt know how she feels. And then she sings "I Look to You," originally performed by Whitney Houston, which she describes as "a song about being in a very dark place and then turning to God." And it's a lovely performance, backed up by Tina and Quinn. Oh, and the mysterious harpist who just joined the backup band. I guess she's an exchange student from Ireland. Or some other place where people play the harp.

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