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Holy Mary, Mother of Gouda!

Football game. In the huddle, Sam calls a play. But Finn, relying on his authority as the only person on the field to have won a game there (by which he must mean as the only person to be quarterback while winning a game, since we all know that Kurt won that game), convinces Sam to try something different. And that something different results in Sam getting tackled by a mountain of a man from the other team, dislocating his shoulder and taking him out of the game and off to the hospital. Coach Beiste has no choice but to make Finn the QB.

Music room. Will decides to lighten the mood of the Glum Club by congratulating Finn on becoming the QB and leading the team to victory. Puck ruins the moment a little for Finn by noting how very unfortunate it was that Sam had to have his arm ruined in order for Finn to win his spot back. And then Kurt gets up to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and to tell them that his father's condition hasn't changed. And then he sings a song. But not before telling us that when his mother died and they were at his funeral, he wanted nothing more than for Burt to just say something to him. And Burt reached down and took his hand, and Kurt knew that everything would be okay because his father loved him and would be there for him. If you're not already crying, you will be if you go listen to Kurt singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand." He sings it slowly, with the kind of tender emotion that he so often brings to a song. And while he's singing, we get glimpses of a young Kurt (played by a boy who could easily pass for Chris Colfer's younger brother) hanging out with Burt. Burt teaches him to ride a bike, and has a tea party with him, and holds his hand as they walk away from the funeral. All while L'il Kurt wears a bowtie, and one time reaches up and performs his trademark hair flick. Kurt is in tears singing the song, and half the Glee Club is in tears listening to it. Sometimes the more serious emotional scenes on this show don't feel entirely genuine to me, but this one certainly did.

Hallway. Mercedes approaches Kurt and tells him, "I know you're going through a really scary time right now, but I feel like I don't know how to be around you anymore." And look, I am not here to mediate every fight that breaks out in the forums, but I think she's just saying that the way she knows how to express sympathy and love for him is through the lens of her faith, and he's told them that he doesn't want that. And then he tells her that he knows he shouldn't be pushing his friends away. And then she invites him to come to her church on Sunday, because she's gotten the church to dedicate the service to Burt. Kurt's initial response is to say no, but he agrees to come when she tells him he'll get to wear a fabulous hat. Commercials.

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