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Holy Mary, Mother of Gouda!

Sue's visiting Jean at the home. They're playing checkers, and Sue's letting Jean win. And then Sue asks Jean if she believes in God. Jean asks the same question, and then asks for an explanation when Sue says she doesn't. Sue: "Because when we were little girls, you were perfect in my eyes. And I watched the world be cruel to you." Jean tells her that she doesn't believe that God makes mistakes. And then she offers to pray for Sue, and Sue, with tears in her voice, tells her, "Yeah, that'd be nice."

Burt's hospital room. Kurt is adjusting his hospital gown, presumably after another visit from the acupuncturist. And then he tells his father a story: "Mercedes took me to church on Sunday. It's funny, but when the choir was singing, this memory flashed into my head. Do you remember our first Friday night dinner after Mom died? You tried to make a chicken? I guess you wanted me to feel like there was something still normal. You put it on the table, and you cut into it, and it was raw. And we both looked at each other for a second and cracked up before we remembered that we weren't supposed to yet. I'm sorry about the other day, Dad. I should have let those guys pray for you. It wasn't about me, it was about you, and it was nice. I don't believe in God, Dad, but I believe in you. And I believe in us, you and me. That's what's sacred to me. And I'm... I'm so sorry that I never got to tell you that." By now, Kurt is sobbing (as am I), and then he feels Burt's hand move in his. And he calls out for a nurse.

Auditorium. The kids are singing "One of Us." Every time I hear them sing "What if God was one of us," I can't help but think of the fact that Marlene Dietrich refused to sing "A Guy What Takes His Time" unless she could change the lyrics to be grammatical. I'm not sure why this song makes me think of that. Also, I kind of find this song be extremely painful. It's kind of like being stretched out on a Catherine wheel. Although in this case, it's more like a Catherine cheese wheel. As they sing, we see Finn go into the refrigerator and pull out the Grilled Cheesus. And then he eats it. And I guess Grilled Cheesus did have miraculous powers, because Finn does not instantly die of food poisoning. We only get to hear a few lines of the song, because Sue enters the auditorium and stands behind Will. While the kids are still singing, he asks her if she's going to turn him in. And she tells him she's not. And on that very strange note, they end the episode.

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