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What Would You Say?

While Chase and Cameron are off not doing their jobs, Foreman and House enter Patrick's room. Dad asks what's going on, and Foreman starts to say "I'm sorry," but House interrupts him and rolls out one of those keyboard mat things onto Patrick's bed tray. Foreman tests Patrick's eyesight in each eye and, sure enough, Patrick can't see out of his right eye. Foreman says that this is proof that Patrick's right brain is dead, but House tells him to shut up, all thrilled to have the opportunity to get Foreman back for telling him to shut up before. He tells Patrick to play the piano mat. Patrick does. House tells Foreman that playing music is something both brain hemispheres are involved in. Therefore, some part of Patrick's right brain is still functional. Well, as long as they're doing tests that scientific, I don't see how they can be wrong!

House and Foreman walk down the hall, as House says that his little experiment has shown that Patrick's right brain has always been like this. So it didn't die because the Cottages had better things to do than treat their patient. That also means it's unrelated to whatever Patrick has now. Which means that he's got an autoimmune disorder. Foreman says that's easily treatable. House sends him off to do that. Looks like everything is going to end happily for Patrick, doesn't it?

Chase enters House's office, and House greets him with "Your turn." "Do you have to do that?" Chase asks. House says that he does have to make everyone feel like an asshole for caring about him. "I'm sorry you're dying. I'm gonna hug you," Chase announces. House starts to make a witty retort, but is cut off by Chase's hug. Oh my god, Chase. What are you doing? I'd say this is out of character for you, but all we really know about your character is that you hate fat people. Chase stays in the hug for a while -- even longer than Cameron's kiss, I think -- so House asks him how Patrick's doing. When Chase doesn't answer, House asks him if he's crying. "No," Chase totally sobs. Chase! Ha ha ha! I mean, on one hand, it's sweet that Chase cares so much. It's also a little pathetic, since House punched him in the face and treats him like crap. And on a third hand, I laugh at Chase for crying. What a baby! Hee hee hee. Chase says that Patrick's responding well to the treatment, and that there must be some dust in the air or something, sniffle sniffle sob. House says that he's got more in mind for Patrick. Chase is baffled. They're treating the autoimmune disorder. That's all there is to do, right?

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