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Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron are just snooping through House's stuff. Cameron looks through House's yearbook, and I'm surprised that he even has it with him. I left mine at my parents' house. We are even treated to a picture of high-school House, who, Cameron points out, isn't smiling. In fact, he's frowning. It's pretty funny. Too bad we don't get to see any of House's clubs listed under the picture. That would have been cool. I'm guessing he spent some time on the drill team, the way he twirls that cane. Chase finds a Boston phone number on what I'm guessing is House's phone bill. He dials it, and Massachusetts General Hospital answers.

The next morning, Cuddy is on the phone with Massachusetts General, yelling at them for trying to steal her employee behind her back. Massachusetts General denies the accusations, sounding hilariously horrified at the prospect of hiring House. Cuddy says that means that House's trip to Massachusetts General is either a social visit...or he's a patient there. A horrified look crosses her face as she realizes that there's no way in hell it's a social visit. The Mass Gen guy says that both he and some doctor named Coopersmith totally hate House, so there's no reason his visit to them would be social in nature. Way to violate patient confidentiality, Mass Gen.

Cuddy's next stop is Wilson's office. She asks him about Dr. Coopersmith, and Wilson confirms that Coopersmith is an oncologist specializing in brain cancer. If only Wilson knew as much about cancer as he does about his colleagues. This news makes Cuddy stare sadly out Wilson's window. As for me, since I have to read the forums to moderate them, I had already read the spoilers and knew that House didn't actually have cancer. Since I watched the episode knowing that already, I can't really recap it as if I don't know what's going on. Which is a shame, since I wonder if I would've thought House really did have cancer or known there was no way they'd just give him terminal cancer out of the blue like that. Oh well.

While House impresses us all with his cane-twirling skills, Cuddy and Wilson talk about their friend's certain death of brain cancer. Wilson says it makes sense that House wouldn't show any symptoms and hide his condition from everyone; Wilson's had a lot of patients who have done that. Knowing Wilson, I suspect that's because those patients didn't actually have cancer. Wilson says that a lot of cancer patients don't like to tell people, because then "every conversation" is about it. Yes, well, I can see how brain cancer would be on your mind all the time.

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