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A Spy in the House of Dex
ce Bashed the Fuck In. While LaGuerta interviews a neighbor, and Dexter takes photos, Masuka wormily pokes around Dexter, asking about "lunch-slash-therapy with Rita." Dex tells him to quit reading his desk calendar and tries to change the subject, but Masuka finally gathers his stones and blurts that he saw Rita kissing the neighbor. Dexter, of course, knows, and Masuka's relieved. Meanwhile, the neighbor gives LaGuerta Hipster Derrick's name: Kyle Butler. Dexter's super-keen serial-killer ears pick that one up from across the room. DVO states the obvious (Arthur's in town and looking for him), then lays on the guilt about another innocent man dead because of him.

Christine Hill's Apartment of Cop-Fucking and Crazed Pacing. Angel and Deb sift through boxes of shoes before they happen upon something far more useful: postcards to Christine from cities that match the Trinity killings, all signed "Love, Daddy." "It still doesn't give us Trinity," Angel cautions. "No," says Deb, "but it gives us something to make the bitch talk."

Closeup on an apartment door that says "K. Butler" on the front bell. Someone rings it and waits for the poorly-named sap to step outside to look around. That's when a syringe gets plunged into his neck -- yes, this is Dexter getting the jump on him. Has Dex decided to just cut out the middle man and start killing these innocent bystanders before Arthur can? YOU'RE SO STUPID. Actually, no, Dexter just wants to knock this Kyle out so he can lie in wait for Arthur. Okay, let's hear it for the first sensible thing Dexter's done all week. (Yes, I just described injecting a man with a paralytic and squatting in his house to better kill a man as "sensible.") Oh, and in case you were wondering and/or a moron, DVO lays out the whole plan for us in delicious redundo-vision.

So Dexter waits, and waits, and paces, and waits, and writes a testimonial for Phenobarbital or whatever the hell it is that's keeping Real Kyle knocked out for so long, and waits. Finally, he sees Arthur sauntering up to the front door. Dex lies in wait. Arthur opens the door, stalls, waits a moment, then leaves. DVO does its one entertaining thing of the week and spits "What the FUCK?!" in frustration. Dex goes to chase, but since the apartment opens up to a courtyard, there's too many people around. Thwarted. Dex sees Real Kyle's Christmas cards on the hallway table, which I guess we're assuming Trinity saw and realized this isn't the Kyle he knows? It's a stretch, but...fine.

Miami Metro. Angel presents the postcards to Christine, explains their significance, points out Daddy's signature. Christine's rattled, deep down, but on the surface, she simply says Miami PD's trying to set her up. In turn, Angel starts pressing: she used Quinn to keep Daddy safe, she kept tabs on Lundy, and she shot him. Christine finally leans in and asks for her lawyer. Out watching the monitor, Quinn finally gives up the ghost: "She lied," he says, before proceeding to make it All About Quinn and how he was used and how he's an asshole because of it. Deb tries to make him feel better by reminding him she used to be engaged to the Ice Truck Killer. Yeah, that'll knock you down a few pegs. "So," she says with a rueful smile, "We can play 'Who's a Bigger Asshole?' but I guarantee I'll win." You guys, I love Deb. Angel appears and says he's keeping Christine another night. "Good!" overcompensates Quinn. "Let her fuckin' rot!"

That night, Dexter seeks out Stan Beaudry's house. Or, rather, his shack. Stan's not home, but Dex finds his CB radio (turned on, for whatever reason) and a photo of him next to his rig. You guys, remember when Jackie on Roseanne became a trucker? That and that one Simpsons episode are my only reference points for truckers. Anyway. Dexter gleans that ol' Stan is due back tomorrow. Of course, Dex would be able to head him off at Jacksonville tonight if he didn't have to make an appearance with that albatross of a family of his. Harry's words. Harry's paraphrased words.

Back home, Rita has stayed up so they can big-T Talk. Dexter is so not interested, both because he's mad but probably more because he's tired. He relents, though, because Rita says it can't wait. She says she didn't sleep with Elliott, and it was a HUGE mistake, and she's SO sorry. Dexter's like, "Okay, apology accepted." This, of course, sounds completely crazy to Rita, and I can't quite blame her there. She quite naturally feels like he's bottling up his feelings of hurt and betrayal and anger. But Dexter's just over it. He assures her everything's okay.

After attempting to reach Christine several more times, Arthur finally just heads over to her apartment, where he finds yellow police tape across her door. Troubling.

The next morning, Dexter breaks into Arthur's house and gets to DNA-gathering (combs, razors, nothing grody). Angel phones and says they need him in at work, ASAP. Harry pesters that Dex is "juggling too many people." And he doesn't mean Trinity, Beaudry, Rita, et cetera. He means the personas Dexter has to put on. See, this is what you're missing when I gloss over Harry and DVO's pointlessness. I.e., nothing.

Miami Metro. Debra convinces Angel to give her one crack at interrogating Christine before her lawyer shows up. Not sure what good that'll do but hey! Go for it. Deb plays good cop, bringing Christine food (she's too paranoid to eat it, but whatevs) and attempting to find common ground on the topic of fathers. Deb talks about Harry; how she wanted them to have been close, but he was more interested in Dexter. Christine can tell this is at least 30% bullshit designed to build trust. So Deb tries another tack, talking about realizing one day that her dad wasn't the end-all, be-all. Christine still manages to see this for the tactic it is and stonewalls. Deb leaves the room, and Angel says Christine's lawyer is demanding her release. They decide to let her go and see if they can follow her to Trinity.

Hey, so remember when Angel called Dexter in to work on that urgent matter that couldn't wait? Yeah, here's that urgent matter: Angel and LaGuerta are in her office with a judge, ready to get married. They need Dexter to be a witness. Now, there's no way they could have known that this insane, boring scheme would be interrupting Dexter from framing a trucker for the Trinity killings so he can better kill Trinity himself, but I'd like to think if they did know, they'd be terribly embarrassed about it. Anyway, Dexter's the witness, signs where he needs to sign, and BOOM -- Angel and Maria are married. Obviously, this is a quickie way around Matthews's attempt to fire them, but for the moment, they seem blissfully in love. They ask Dexter to keep this under his hat, for now, and just as quickly, they're called out to work.

With that out of the way, Dexter can get back to framing Beaudry. He puts out a CB call for "Stan the Man" (which is what's emblazoned on his rig's door in the photo). He doesn't have to wait long before another helpful trucker chimes in to say he saw Stan at a nearby truck stop. This is a weird subculture and way more like Craigslist missed connections than I expected it to be. Dex then gets a call on the Kyle-phone, and Arthur says, "I'm standing right in front of your house, Kyle." Considering he's leaning up against a gaudy yellow mailpost and the soundtrack bottoms out, we're led to believe he's really at Dexter's home. But the camera backs up to reveal he's at the marina, which is the fake address Dexter marked down for Kyle at Habitat for Inhumanity. Dexter suggests Arthur try a jet ski. Arthur now knows Kyle was lying from the beginning, but Dexter says a liar is better than a pedophile. Arthur yells again at the mention of the p-word. Dexter demands his money again, but Arthur coolly, almost smugly says he needs until tomorrow.

Dexter reaches the truck stop, and we see Stan the Man in person for the first t

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