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Here And There

Back in Iraq, Jackson and the girl are both being treated; Jamila is charred, and wailing, as is her wont. Which I do understand. Gallant scrambles to intubate her before her throat swells shut. He tries to explain it to Jamila's mother as he goes. Back at County, Neela begins to tube Meningitis Boy. Pratt enters and she gives him the bullet; Pratt establishes with the mother that he's been like this for about two days. Neela misses with the first tube and needs a different one. Pratt offers to do it. "No, I'll try it," she says. In VO, she tells Gallant that she has moments where she can cast aside all her worries and silence the voices, and focus completely on one task: "That's when I know what I'm doing. Who I am."

Jackson is stabilizing, but there's some bruising in his lungs. Still, they plan to send him home because it may take weeks for his chest and his fractures to heal. "Your family will be glad to see you," Gallant says sincerely. Jackson is sort of shocked at this news -- he doesn't want to leave like this. I know what he means, but since there's a kid in the room who's down to a leg and a half, I think Jackson should feel rather okay with the terms of his departure. Gallant checks Jackson's x-rays and sees that both Jackson's lungs are deflated; when he turns to leave, he sees Jamila's mother praying while they peel strips of charred flesh off her arm. Wow. That's nasty. I used to get a kick out of it when my sunburned skin peeled, but now I kind of want to stay under shelter until the end of days.

Neela's patient, it turns out, has a raging bladder infection that turned septic. Or so they think; Neela wants to rule out meningitis anyway, but Pratt wants her to chill, because why be thorough when you can spend that time strutting around oozing your designer-imposter charisma? He leaves Neela with some instructions, and Rosales wonders what happens if nothing they try works. Neela remembers a treatment involving a high-frequency oscillator that they used in the NICU, but isn't sure it works on older children. So she swallows her instinct with a "Let's wait and see what Pratt wants." Exactly the approach Pratt prefers the ladies to take.

Gallant approaches Crabby, who is firing away at a shooting range. Gallant explains that there are no facilities in Iraq to care for Jamila, and so he doesn't feel right discharging her. Crabby urges him to let it go and move on, because they've done what they can; Gallant is appalled that his superior doesn't care. This leads to the expected grizzled veteran vs. first-year captain comparison, and with a jaded growl, Crabby warns Gallant against giving wide-eyed lectures. Gallant exhales so hard that seven mustache hairs are torn from the root and drift to their deaths. He asks for permission to check facilities in Kuwait, Jordan, or Egypt, and mentions that there's a plane already coming to pick up Jackson and Perry -- why not put it to use? But this sort of ruthless efficiency doesn't suit a government operation, so Crabby tries to spit all over it, but grudgingly allows Gallant to make a few phone calls. He read his copy of Humoring the Eager: No Harm, No Foul, and since he's never watched TV or movies before, he's pretty sure that none of this will go anywhere terribly inconvenient.

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