Here And There

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Here And There

Neela lies on her bed reading Gallant's words: "I try to be positive, Neela, but the truth is, it gets to you, even if no one sees that. Even if I never admit it, sometimes I wish I could just get out, wear civvies, drink beer, and clear my head for a while. Then I'd come back, and finish the job I started." Oh, Gallant. Sooner than you ever thought. Neela smiles proudly at her brave, hot man.

As the chopper takes him high above the ground, Gallant reads Neela's letter: "There are things I can't say to anyone except in a letter -- except to you. Be safe, Michael. I know I worry a lot about everything, but most of all I worry about how long it will be before I see you again." Oh, Neela. Sooner than you ever thought. Gallant gazes out at the view, en route to her without her knowing it, as I let out a little "Awww." Because they're totally going to hook up, and that makes me happy, and if they don't, I will be so very upset that I will...I will...uh...switch off my television. Yeah, take that, show!

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