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Here And There

"Tell everybody I'm still here, still doing the doctor thing," Gallant finishes as Pratt interrupts Neela during her rounds to tell her that a MedEvac copter is en route with a double amputation. Her eyes out-glaze any sweet, delicious donut. Man, it's a bad sign if you're a doctor and amputations bore you. "I try to imagine what your days are like," Neela's VO says. "How different your life must be." Here, we cut to Gallant, doing boring old sutures until he finds out a patrol got ambushed and the wounded are incoming. GVO: "Days go by, some are slower than others, but I'm doing fine." Cut to an Army chopper landing. GVO: "Sometimes, in the middle of everything, I kind of wonder if what I'm doing here..." Cut to the MedEvac copter landing. NVO: "...Is maybe the same as what you're doing over there." Ouch! My face hurts from the sound slap that this scene's heavy hand just delivered. GVO: "It's good to believe it is." NVO: "It makes me feel you're not really as far away as it seems." GVO: "That maybe it won't be so hard to get through this." NVO: "And that sometime soon we'll see each other again." We smash to the credits as I exhale in relief that two actors I like are the focal points of this episode. Because, as you know, it could have been so much worse. For everyone.

At County, a woman is suffering. This is a shocking twist. The woman has actually just been unloaded from the MedEvac copter, and she is covered in red. Pratt exposits that she has lost a lot of blood. And I'm glad he said that, because until now I thought she was just a rabid Chicago Bulls fan who'd gone body-paint crazy. Neela VO: "As for work, some things continue to be a challenge for me. I know I'm good at some of it, but I have some deficiencies. A certain...ambivalence." I can't believe I've been gone for eleven episodes and she's exactly where I left her. Well, not exactly -- last I saw her, she wasn't holding two plastic bags with dismembered hands inside. But I'm sure she would've been if she could've. "You can put them back on, right?" the woman asks. Neela just stares at her, mouth agape. Pratt notices this and takes the time to shoot Neela an irritated glare before encouraging the woman, saying she'll be just fine. "What's your name?" Neela shouts above the din of the copters.

"Private Thomas Perry, sir!" We're back in Iraq, and Gallant is helping a victim of an explosion. He's got shrapnel and some AK-47 rounds in him. "I thank God for my years at County," Gallant VOs. "They prepared me for this, as much as anyone can be prepared." Considering he survived a crazed loon hijacking a tank and driving it through Chicago, I'd say he got some unexpectedly apt training.

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