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Here And There

We go from Perry's mangled leg to a shot of Neela's patient's wrist, which is spurting blood as realistically as the dismembered Black Knight did in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. Oh my God, I wish he were here. Even without limbs, he'd be better than Malarkey. Susan and Sam are tending to the woman -- Doris -- as Neela applies pressure to the wound. Can you really call it a wound when it's a severed hand? I feel like "wound" sounds so small-scale compared to that horror. Doris tells them that she was inside a bookbinding machine trying to unjam it, and someone turned it on while she was there. Books: They kill. Pratt calmly tells her that it was a clean slice, so there's a great chance they can put her hands back on, which...thank God for medical science, you know? Or super glue, depending on how stretched County's budget is.

A new kid enters Trauma Yellow to join the fray. His name is Rosales, and he's Neela's med student. Neela VO: "I'm not even confident in my own decisions half the time. Now I'm supposed to help orient students?" Sam pops up to call Neela the resident brainiac, which prompts her to write to Gallant that it kills her that everyone thinks she knows all the answers, when she in fact doesn't. Susan basically assumes control of things and keeps Neela in a smaller role because she's never seen this procedure done -- the reattachment? The prep for the reattachment? The reawakening of her soul? Not sure -- and Susan doesn't think it's a good idea to let her participate. So Neela sticks with tying tourniquets around the woman's biceps. Neela VO: "Still, I feel like after all this time, the people I work with should have more confidence in me, but how can they, if I don't?" Rosales is all excited and eager to see how this case plays out, but Neela confesses to Gallant that she feels like she's been sleepwalking through all of it since med school. And nothing is more interesting to watch than a bored, jaded girl. "Woo" and "hoo."

Perry is understandably upset about the amount of ammo in his body. Evidently it doesn't jibe with what his plans were for the day. I can relate -- I stubbed my toe the other day and I was pissed. Life is hard. Gallant VO as he works on Perry: "I have a lot of responsibility here." Interestingly, the closed-captioners had it as "authority." They roll Perry over, and he screams accordingly. "And I've gotta admit, I don't mind it," GVO adds. Again the captioners diverge here; they had, "I kind of like it." This little factoid is brought to you by a very boring part of me. As they wait for morphine, an assisting Lili tries to distract Perry by getting him talking about his home state of Vermont. Unfortunately, all he has to say about this is, "AAAAAHHHH," so...not something about which the state tourism board will be entirely thrilled. Some beefy guy cracks that Perry should thank God he's not out in the Vermont cold right now. "God, or Don Rumsfeld?" Perry pants. "Gotta go with the Sec Def we've got, not the one we wish we had," Beefy replies cheerfully. Ever the patriot, Gallant shoots Beefy a withering glare that shrinks him from Porterhouse to Steak Diane in under two seconds. Then they putter around the wound for a while. "I'll keep the leg, right?" Perry asks. Gallant says nothing. Well, not to Perry. In VO: "Of course, responsibility cuts both ways." Gallant's crabby superior arrives to take the case into the OR; Gallant gives him the bullet, and Crabby introduces Captain Whitley, a new staffer who needs to be shown the ropes. GVO: "It's strange after just eight months to feel like a veteran." He watches Crabby take Perry into the OR. (The setup, I should mention, is a large tent-like room -- or a tent-like tent, I suppose -- with a clear plastic curtain leading to...a piece of hall, I think, that has typical swinging double doors that go to the OR. It's basically that T-intersection-like place outside the trauma rooms at County where people stop and talk before continuing down the hall; the difference is the massive pieces of plastic sheeting that are hanging from the ceiling, acting as curtains between that area and the rest of the hospital.) Gallant and Whitley get acquainted. "How long have you been here?" she asks. "Since last spring," he replies. "How long did it take you to get used to it?" she follows up.

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