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Here And There

"I'll let you know when I do," Neela is telling Rosales as they wheel Doris down the hall to the elevator. Rosales says the ER seems rough, and confides that he's had other things on his mind lately. Apparently, his wife just had a baby -- on January 21; Celia; seven pounds two ounces. Rosales is an over-sharer. Neela is surprised that he's having a family at twenty-four, to which he responds that he and his wife want three kids before they're thirty, and to which my ovaries respond by cracking open a Heineken and toasting their sedentary existence. This gets Neela all self-conscious about her own social life, or prodigious lack thereof; "I have some catching up to do," she says sheepishly. Rosales marvels at how hard it must be to balance a social life with ER work. As the doors close, Neela whispers, "Yeah." Pratt, the expert, should take her under his wang -- er, I mean, wing. Wing. Sorry. ["Can't say I'm wild about the correction, either. Hee." -- Wing Chun]

Upstairs in Surgery, Neela and Rosales hand off Doris -- as if she hasn't been handed off enough today. Cue the cymbals! Thanks, thanks! I'll be here all recap. Dr. Dubenko shows up to claim the severed hands and tells Rosales and Neela to join him. "I'll be late for board rounds," Neela protests half-heartedly. Dubenko doesn't much care. He explains that Dr. Lieberman, their plastics guy and the world expert on burn management -- you know, a piece of info that doesn't have any relevance...YET -- is getting the consent paperwork done, so they're going to take a look at the hands to see how uphill the battle is. Dubenko's eyes have a turned-on gleam at the idea of handling these dismembered limbs. I love his perpetual look of arousal. "Two forceps and a Kelly," he orders, inspiring some sort of pornographic fanfic somewhere. Neela blinks at Dubenko's order and offers to get him a nurse. "No, you'll do fine," he condescends. Then Dubenko caresses the hands. "Supple, resilient limbs," he purrs. "Clean, straight amputations." Wow. I'm almost uncomfortable enough to turn off the TV for a while in case he needs a moment alone. This hand job seems to get him as hot as an actual handjob. Then he pokes at where the wrist would go while sharing that Dr. Lieberman used to be in the military, and that's where he got so good with burn care. Hmm. I just don't see how that applies here. Perhaps something will come up later that would make this information relevant. Neela VO: "I find myself both proud and jealous at times, Michael. You have a purpose and a role to fill. Most days I don't feel like that at all."

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