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Here And There

Gallant tubes an Iraqi kid whose bowels appear to be out in the open. Everyone seems okay with leaving them there for now, as if sometimes, bowels just need to see the light of day. Our boy goes off to find Dr. Crabby, Military Surgeon, while Whitley gushes that she's impressed by Gallant's skill. He tells her he worked for a county ER in Chicago for three years. "Who do you have back there? Wife, girlfriend?" Whitley asks. "Not really," Gallant replies. Whitley takes the hint. They forge ahead into the OR, and are immediately acquainted with the lower half of Perry's leg, which has been liberated from the tyrant knee. GVO: "I know what a lot of people think about this war, but when you're here, you have to believe you're fighting for something that's real. Something that matters." I'm sure Perry feels that his leg matters very much. Gallant narrates that they all want to believe that the people they can't save, or the ones they sew back together, are all heroes rather than victims. I suspect they are both. Gallant tremblingly asks Crabby if he can tend to the kid with exposed bowels. "Good Iraqi, or bad Iraqi?" Crabby asks. "He's on our side, sir," Gallant says diplomatically. "Send him in in ten minutes," Crabby replies.

As they leave the OR, a curious Whitley wonders about the good/bad comment, so Gallant stops in the staging area between the swinging doors and the plastic curtain -- so convenient for blocking -- that one unit in Kirkuk lost a lot of people when a patient came in and blew himself up on the operating table. Gallant VO: "It's crazy what your daily concerns become." Yes, safe to say no one would fault you for feeling like you live in Bizarro World if, suddenly, your primary concern is whether people will explode randomly in your vicinity. GVO: "You end up missing the littlest things." Cut to him shooting hoops with a wee basketball set -- kind of the size of the ones that go on people's wastebaskets. He misses twice, then makes one, and then takes aim and shoots...

...and we're at County, seeing a ball swish through the hoop. Through the netting, in a lovely shot, we see Neela standing upstairs in the hospital talking to somebody until she catches sight of the hoop. Thoughtfully, she wanders downstairs, and we see that it's Pratt doing the balling. As if there were any doubt he's the primary baller in these parts. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink. Neela and Pratt make idle chatter until she asks him whether he misses Gallant. "You were good friends," Neela says. They were? "We still are," Pratt says. They are? I know they made a show of bonding when Gallant left, but now I feel like I have entered Bizarro World. Is my couch about to swallow me? Or worse, is my Diet Coke about to turn into...God, I can hardly say it...Diet Pepsi? Hold me.

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