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Shirt 'N Tie guesses some medical condition that starts with the letter "C." House is displeased to find that Shirt 'N Tie is going through his book of medical conditions and making her guesses in alphabetical order, and the one she guessed starts with "CAC," so she has a long way to go. Meanwhile, Low-Cut Top wants to know why House is wearing a pin on his blazer. Not the sharpest scalpel in the drawer, is Low-Cut Top. House says the pin makes his eyes look pretty, and enters the patient's room. He asks her how she screwed up her wrist. She says she swatted at a bird while she was riding a ferris wheel. It just so happens that House has a picture of a ferris wheel on the back of his folder and that pin of his is in the shape of a bird. Looks like our patient has herself some Kaiser Sozeitis. The med students are aghast that at the patient's obvious lie, and that her lies are so ridiculous and bad that even Wilson can do it better. House calls them out into the hall and explains that the patient has Korsakoff syndrome. Her brain has been damaged by either too much alcohol or a lack of food (in her case, it looks like the latter), so she can't make any new memories. So it's more like Guy From Mementoitis. Her brain "fills the gaps" by using visual clues, such as the horse insignia on Shirt 'N Tie's shirt and the beach picture on Low-Cut Top's clipboard. I'm surprised she didn't say she hurt her wrist during a bra-fastening accident when she was talking to Low-Cut. The students point out that Korsakoff doesn't even with the letter C. House says he never told them it did, and that they should give her some thiamine and cake. Anything else? Low-Cut Top asks House if he really had to be so cruel to his patient, who is now crying. So House returns to the room, says hello to the patient, and asks what happened to her wrist. "There was this weird old guy, he had a cane..." she starts. House says it would appear that he is forgiven by virtue of being forgotten.

In an ER moment, suspenseful music plays as EMTs burst through the ER doors with their patient, Victoria, who has a ridiculously high heart rate. They found her in a park, passed out in the grass. Foreman gets her heart stabilized.

The Cottages wonder what could make Victoria's heart go crazy like that. Maybe she doesn't have meningitis after all. House says that if the heart rate dropped when Foreman gave her adenosine, then it's still meningitis. And if it's meningitis, then Victoria has no chance of survival because of the delay in treatment. They'll go for it anyway, though.

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