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Wilson goes over the newest ER admittee's chart with Foreman. A homeless and nameless woman is delusional, but her tox screen was clear. Foreman points out that most homeless people are crazy, not to mention lacking the financial means to pay for a hospital visit. Wilson says that theirs is a teaching hospital, so they treat everyone regardless of their ability to pay, and Foreman really should know that by now, shouldn't he? The woman had some lesions on her arm, so Wilson was called in. Wow, they called the chief of oncology in for a homeless woman's lesions? That's like, above and beyond the call of charity hospital duty. I think most places would have put their one doctor's coat on an orderly and just sent him in to do it. The lesions were non-cancerous, but Wilson noticed that Jane Doe's wrist had a twitch, and he'd like Foreman to check it out.

Foreman asks Jane if she can feel his pen on her finger. "Sure. I'm human," she answers. You could've fooled Foreman, as we'll soon see. He has her raise her arms above her head, and she immediately goes into a seizure because that's what people on this show do. Wilson springs into action, but Foreman tells him to hold up because Jane is probably faking to stay in the hospital and off the streets for as long as she can. A quick and rather cruel diagnostic test that involves having Jane slap herself in the face shows that the seizure is real, meaning that Foreman will actually have to work.

After stabilizing Jane, Wilson and Foreman talk again. Wilson asks if the woman was faking her low blood sugar as well as the seizure. Foreman says the woman is probably a diabetic and ODed on her own insulin. Yeah, I'm sure homeless people have the access to and mental wherewithal necessary to treat diabetes. If Stacy, who was responsible enough to pass the rigorous tests to get into the Baby Sitter's Club couldn't get that under control, I kinda doubt someone who doesn't even have a toothbrush can do it. Foreman asks for the woman's personal effects at the desk, and gets that bag. He bets Wilson that they'll find insulin in it. What he finds is a stench so foul that he closes the bag and has it put back. He tells Wilson that Jane is probably faking the twitch. His advice is to give her some food, watch her blood sugar, and kick her out.

Wilson goes tattling to House, who looks kind of cleaned up today, with his almost-groomed stubble and smart new turtleneck. I don't like it on him, but I don't like how turtlenecks look on anyone. House doesn't think an oncologist should doubt the advice of a neurologist when it comes to neurological disorders, but Wilson gets all whiny and says he really wants the woman to get medical attention. House suspects that there's something personal at stake here for Wilson, and takes the file.

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