Hog Tied

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You Mean "Chopping Block." CHOPPING BLOCK, YOU FOOL!

Eliza votes. Lisa votes for Rory and adds a frowny face, saying that she has to do it to prove that "her word is good with the ladies." Rory votes. Ami votes for Lisa. Leann votes for folding her paper neatly. Scout votes for Rory. I vote for Kerry. Oops. What?

Probst wants people to know that the loser has to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. Lisa. Rory. Rory. Lisa. Lisa. "Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Vanananananta is Lisa." She brings her torch forward and, as it's snuffed out, snarks, "True to my word" and is gone. He sends them back to camp with a note that the women had been sticking together, but, y'know, not anymore. Isn't that just the way little girls are?

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