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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

Later in the dream that won't end, Moyawnder is watching as his father packs up his office belongings. He watches himself enter and wax rhapsodic about his father's book. Papa Suresh is all, what the hell are you doing with my book? Who told you that you could read it? Moyawnder's all, well, I've been reading on my own now since I was four -- I basically figured out that I could read it. And it's AWESOME. It's FAR more entertaining than my own dream! We learn that Moyawnder at one point wanted to join his father in the search for the Heroes but that his father forbade him to follow in his footsteps. Papa Suresh blathers something about how a man of science should have a heart of stone, something Moyawnder doesn't have. Dream Boy appears and tells Moyawnder that he has his answer.

Moyawnder conveniently wakes right in front of the computer with the "yes or no" question still displayed on the screen because, obviously, no one's attempted to use the computer, like, EVER, since that screen first appeared. Moyawnder FINALLY hits the "no" button and a password screen appears. Moyawnder enters "Darwin" and "Sylar" and round about the year 3082, he finally figures out that the death of his sister, Shanti, gave his father a heart of stone, so "Shanti" is clearly the password. He enters it and is treated to a list of all the Heroes his father located, complete with addresses. And no, I'm not listing them here because I want to get through this recap without falling asleep on my keyboard.

Odessa, Texas. Peter's standing in front of a trophy case, looking for evidence of... cheerleaders, I guess. Luckily for him, there's a banner reading "Jackie You're Our Hero" and a picture of Jackie holding up the award she won for saving all the people in the fire. Claire careens around the corner and, even though the hallway is about seven feet wide, she has trouble missing Peter and knocks right into him so they can meet cute in front of the trophies. She apologizes for hitting him; she's not wearing her uniform, so Peter has no idea that she's a cheerleader. He asks her if she knows Jackie, and Claire says she does and that Jackie will be out on the field in about five minutes. Peter smiles at her with the corner of his mouth. Aw. He says he's an alum, and they share a moment, and Claire walks away.

She stops and turns back. "You know, between you and me, she's not that special," says Claire. "She can't stick her ribs back inside herself and she sure as hell can't seal herself up after an autopsy. Can you believe that?" Peter begs to differ. "She rushed into a fire and saved a man's life," he says. "Sounds kinda special to me." Claire just agrees with him and says she's jealous. "Me? I don't win too many popularity contests," she says, walking toward the locker room. "Hey," Peter calls after her, "it gets better!" "What?" she asks. "Life after high school," he says. "It gets a lot better." Aw. I know he's, like, thirty, and Claire is jailbait, but damn, they're cute together. Peter exits the high school and goes to stand outside to wait for the eventual appearance of Sylar. He holds the picture up to the real banner above the clock and compares the two. Yep. Twelve minutes to go before he dies.

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