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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

After the break, we see Sylar hanging out in front of Jackie's shrine, mentally storing Jackie's picture in his scary little head. Inside the locker room, Claire's dressing up in her uniform as Jackie and her band of merry cheerers enter to get fired up for the halftime show. Jackie sees Claire and immediately goes over to pick a fight. Claire just calmly asks how Jackie's eye is, and she responds that it's nothing she can't cover up. The rest of the cheerleaders sense that a catfight isn't coming, so they all run off to do the halftime show. Jackie takes this opportunity to tell Claire that she's a menace. She says that they used to be BFFs; what happened? Claire says that she's gained some perspective -- i.e., it's her perspective that Jackie sucks. "I'm tired of trying to be someone I'm not," says Claire. Jackie says Claire's been trying to be her since the second grade. "And now you're trying to be me," says Claire. Jackie's all, the what now? "Your little heroic act, pulling the guy out of the burning train car?" says Claire. "It wasn't your heroic act, it was mine." Jackie's all, the hell it was. Claire's all, got the tape to prove it, beeyotch! Jackie kind of freaks for a moment. Claire tells her about what Zach said about how it's more important to be honest with yourself and be happy than be popular. "I think he got it right," says Claire. "Really?" says Jackie, making a bitch face. "Sounds like a loser to me."

She walks off, and the lights go out. Claire channels Wolverine and senses that something's not right. There's a shadow on the wall, and a sound. Outside, Bennet looks for his daughter in vain. Peter waits outside the gym for Jackie. Back inside the locker room, Claire calls out for whomever's there. Jackie thinks she's imagining it, but suddenly Claire tells her to stop. She grabs Jackie's hand and they run around the corner as Claire says that something's not right. Jackie starts snotting at Claire about how they're starting the coronation outside and they'd better get out there and then WHAM! Sylar grabs Jackie and hauls her off. He puts his hand around her throat and holds her up against some lockers, her feet flailing and kicking. Claire jumps on his back but he easily throws her across the room. He throws her hard enough to do some serious damage. Jackie screams.

Bennet hears this outside and calls out for his daughter as he runs inside. Peter hears the scream and runs inside too. Sylar holds Jackie up as Claire slowly comes to on the floor. He holds out his finger and makes an imaginary line with it and we see a line of blood appear on Jackie's forehead. Man, he doesn't even have to use a knife! She's gasping and bleeding and Claire's watching the entire thing. She straightens out a few bones and stands up. As she turns to look at Sylar, her face heals itself, and Sylar realizes the mistake he's made. Jackie looks over at Claire and gasps, "Run!" Sylar dumps her body on the ground as Claire runs off.

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