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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

After the break, we catch up with DL and Micah. Micah wants to go back and help his mom, but DL says they can't go back because his mother's turned into a murderous psychotic bitch. DL says he still loves her and always will, but she's changed. Boy howdy, has she. DL says that the good news is that from here on out, they're partners. "You mean, like Batman and Robin?" Yes, Micah. Except not gay. DL kind of laughs, happy that his son's sort of on board with the "partners" idea, and reaches back to get a hat. "Yeah, just like Batman and Robin," he says, putting on the hat. "Only... I ain't wearin' no tights. You can wear tights, I'm not wearing tights." Hee. Leonard Roberts has this adorable expression on his face that's all Leonard and only a little DL. Trust me -- I did a show with him back in Chicago and he always managed to stick a little bit of himself into several line readings. It used to catch me off guard during the show and then I'd laugh out loud, usually in a really inappropriate place, and then he'd look at me all, "GOTCHA!" Bastard.

DL gets out of the car and heads toward the diner they're parked in front of. I'd say it's the Burnt Toast Diner, but the placard told us that they're in Utah, so I guess it's not. A sheriff walks toward the door as DL nervously gets a paper from the machine. The sheriff basically ignores him, but it's enough to make DL think twice about entering the diner, so he just walks back to the car. Unfortunately, Micah's no longer inside it. DL runs off in search of him.

Chennai, India. Snore. I loves me some quality time with Sendhil Ramamurthy, but DAMN Mohinder's storylines are boring as hell. I mean, really. Like, I could nap my way through them and not miss anything. Mohinder's wandering through a market, talking to the Furry Man from the first episode of the season. Mohinder's thinking the dreams he's been having are something he needs to take seriously and that the boy in his dreams must be real. Especially since he found a picture of the kid in his father's Secret Locked Drawer of Potential Kiddie Porn. Furry Man's all, whatever, dude. Just take some Nyquil and call it a day, okay? Mohinder says that the boy in the picture is one of the Heroes and that he can enter people's dreams. Furry Man tries to pass the whole thing off as a blip in Mohinder's subconscious, but Mohinder's not having any of it. He wants to find the boy.

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