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House O' Bennet. Claire is protesting loudly that something her parents have just told her is "so unfair!" It would appear that Mr. Bennet has just informed Claire that she is not to leave the house until homecoming is over. What reason has he offered for this punishment? Why, the ever-famous "When you live under my roof, you'll do as I say" argument. No, really. I'm not sure whether or not Claire's being grounded for punching Jackie, but I'm thinking that, if she is, Bennet practically fell to his knees in gratitude for this fateful gift that just pretty much dropped into his damn lap. "You are not leaving this house tonight," says Bennet. "Is that clear?" "Crystal," says Claire with hatred in her eyes. She runs to her room and Mrs. Bennet tells her husband that Claire's going to hate him for a long time for this punishment. "Let's hope so," he says with a smile.

Utah. Micah's at a Greyhound bus stop, waiting for the Magic Bus of Perfect Timing to arrive and whisk him back to his murderous mother. Too bad DL shows up just then to ruin his devious scheme. Micah starts to run away, but he's only about as tall as one of DL's legs, so I'm thinking he's not getting away all that fast. DL grabs him and shakes him and asks him if he knows how scared DL was to see that he was gone. "Now you know how we felt when you left us!" says Micah tearfully. Kid, he was in PRISON because your MOTHER PUT HIM THERE. He didn't LEAVE you, he was incarcerated. Bring it down a notch.

DL exasperatedly asks Micah what he's supposed to do here, and his son just tells him that they need to go back because Niki needs them. DL starts to say that there's something wrong with his mother, but Micah stops him, saying that he's seen the difference in her too and that it started when DL left. Except it didn't, because ikiN was the one who framed DL and sent him to jail, right? Micah says that sometimes, "she'd" show up instead of Niki. DL's all, who's "she" when she's at home? "Jessica," says Micah. He goes on to say that Niki's sick and she can't help herself. "She can't control it." DL asks if Niki knows about Jessica, and Micah says he doesn't think so. He wants his father to help her. "You're right," says DL, making a decision to somehow help his psychotic limb-ripping wife.

India. Mohinder's shoving his way through a crowd, brandishing a picture of Dream Boyzzzzzzzzz. Oops. Sorry. Dozed off there for a second. Maybe I need to go get some Cantonese noodle soup. And leave the DVR on and playing so that, when I come back, this whole damn scene will be over. Mohinder's asking anyone and everyone if they've seen Dream Boy as Furry Man bitches at him about wasting his day. A man walks up and grabs Mohinder's wrist, saying that he knows the boy and for 500 rupees, he'll tell him where he is. Mohinder parts with his money very quickly (fool) and the man points out Dream Boy in the distance.

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