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Save the Cheerleader -- Check. Save the World -- Not So Much.

Peter shows Ando the picture of his death and says that he knows when and possibly where the killer will strike. Ando asks if Peter has a power and Peter gets this hilarious "Keep it on the QT, dude" look on his face as he says, "Sort of." Ando asks if he bends time and space like Hiro and Peter sort of sheepishly says, "I... kind of absorb the abilities of others. But only when they're close." Ando's all, huh? What the hell kind of power is that? Also? Thanks for tossing that load of exposition my way, dude. I'm sure that'll be valuable information here in a minute. "Truthfully," says Peter, "when I'm by myself, I'm not really... anything." You're CUTE! That's something! He looks at the clock on the wall and says that he's got less than an hour and that he has to go. Ando chooses to stay behind and wait for Hiro. "Without him," he says," I am not really anything either." Aw. He wonders if maybe Peter shouldn't stay too. "There's no time," says Peter seriously. "I have to save the cheerleader." Heh. I know it's serious, but... heh. "But Peter!" Ando calls after him. "You die!" Peter just glowers at him from behind his bangs and resolutely heads off to his fate.

House O' Bennet. Mrs. Bennet and her creepy pouf of a dog are enjoying the latest People magazine when Mr. Bennet walks in and demands to know where the hell Claire went. Mrs. Bennet cheerily tells him that she saw Claire and Zach creeping across the lawn just ten minutes ago. "She must have climbed out her window!" says Mrs. Bennet without looking at her husband. Hee. But also, STUPID. Bennet gets understandably pissed off at his wife. He reaches toward her, and I totally thought he was going to shake the shit out of her or smack her upside the head, but he just snatches the magazine out of her hands and tells her that she doesn't know what she's done. He runs out after his daughter.

India, Land of Dreams. And Snores. Mohinder's in the middle of yet another one of his useless and repetitive dreams. Dream Boy shows up and Moyawnder runs after him. He sees his father having a conversation with Furry about Dream Boy. Blah blah blah, he's a figment of your imagination, blee bloo blee, he's not, he's real, he can give me answers, blow blie blik, you're wasting your life, et cetera. Nap time, everyone! Furry tries to convince Papa Suresh that the Heroes research is a mistake and that he should let it go. Papa Suresh decides that his research is more important than his tenure at the university, so he tells Furry to go fuck himself.

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