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Clarify me, Claire

Locke's sharpening some foliage into a spear when Jack asks him to walk with him and talk. Jack's wondering what happens after the sun sets tonight. "What if we don't bring Claire to him? Rhetorical, Jack. Same thing happens tonight happened last night." Jack suggests Locke pick up Ethan's trail from where he attacked Charlie and Jin, but Locke doesn't think that's a good idea. "Whoever he is, wherever he comes from, we're on Ethan's turf. He has the advantage." Locke says they're just a bunch of scared idiots with sticks, which is a rather astute analysis. Jack says he's got a way to get the advantage back, and takes the key from around his neck and grabs the briefcase from his hidey-hole. He opens it, and Locke's rather surprised by the guns. "Why, doctor, you've been holding out on us." Jack gives Locke a gun and says he guesses Locke knows how to handle one. Locke just smirks. Now we're going to see some A-Team action. Commercials.

"Are you insane?" Charlie's yelling at the A-Team, who it seems have suggested using Claire as bait to lure Ethan out so they can bust a cap, or four, in his ass. Charlie's ranting about what a bad idea this is when Claire interrupts to say she can speak for herself. "They want to use you as bait!" yells Charlie, and Claire says that if she can help stop Ethan from hurting someone else, then she needs to do that. So Charlie opts for Plan B: joining the A-Team. "I'm coming with you," he says, pointing out that there are three of them and four guns. "You ever fire a weapon?" asks Locke. Hey, has Jack? Charlie doesn't say anything, so the A-Team turns their backs on him and starts making plans. Aww, don't make Charlie have another "I'm not useless!" tantrum.

Anyway, the tension's really starting to increase, so now's a good time to flash back to a lighthearted scene in which the heroin addict is all sweaty and nervous and making an incompetent photocopier sales pitch, one that ends with him vomiting on the machine, all set to ukulele music. I wish I were kidding.

Locke's thinking. "Charlie's right. We've got four guns. We should have four men." Seems to me that the person we've seen demonstrate the best firearms proficiency is a woman, but I guess only people with penises are allowed to hold the penis substitutes. Because their choice to join the posse is Sawyer, who, when asked if he knows how to handle a gun, says, "I know at least one polar bear that seems to think so." Kate, of course, looks perplexed, but she always looks that way. Kind of odd, since it was her idea to use them. Naturally, her problem is just that she wants to come along. Jack nixes the little woman's idea, saying that they're "out of guns" and that no one's going out there unarmed. Well, other than THE PREGNANT WOMAN YOU'RE USING AS BAIT. Sawyer wants to know how much ammo they have, and Jack says about a hundred rounds, all nine-millimetre. And Sawyer's all, well, if the lady wants to come, and he pulls out the air marshal's other gun, which everybody seems to have forgotten about until now. So Jack glares for a moment, but Sawyer says, "Five guns are better than four," and Jack finally gives in, probably realizing that Kate could kick his ass, and that even the A-Team had a woman on it. Sometimes.

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