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Sister Josepha gets out of a cab. She's on the Harvard campus -- right by Dr. Richard's office, as a matter of fact. She walks into it just as Bill clumsily ruins some of Dr. Richard's personal belongings. She tries to convince Dr. Richard that he should be impressed with her "credentials" from the Eklind Foundation. I'm sorry, but the idea of the Eklind Foundation is almost as funny as Habbakuk. Hee! Habbakuk.

Josepha tries her utmost to convince Richard that she doesn't know who he is, but that she was led to his office by the map she got from ComaGirl -- you know, the tic-tac-toe grid thingy. He is understandably skeptical, although he's polite enough to pretend he's scared of her because he's received threats. Because it's more flattering to be thought of as a bad-ass than a nutbar, you know? Josepha asks who's been threatening him, and Richard replies, somewhat ruefully, that it is Satanists. Bill Pullman seems to have a little trouble reciting his lines here. It's almost like he looks embarrassed. I can't imagine why. Josepha leaves, but not without promising to see Richard soon. Dr. Rich looks like he's being threatened again.

More graphics. "Let no man deceive himself, for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God." (I Corinthians 3:18-3:19) Oh, I guess it's time for another gratuitous slam at science, is it? Dr. Richard is lecturing at his book signing, explaining away the ten plagues of Moses in scientific terms. Sister Josepha stares at him reproachfully. At least, that's what her cheekbones are conveying to me. She leaves as Professor Lampley pimps Richard's book for him.

Dr. Richard goes home and does a pretty thorough web search on Josepha. He spells her name Montafiore, even though that's different from the closed captioning or the NBC press release. People, that's just sloppy work. Anyway, we learn that Josepha lost her sister Denise to a cult mass suicide. I wonder if that's affected her worldview any.

Dr. Richard is being led to IsaiahSatanist's prison cell. It seems Isaiah claims to have known beforehand that Richard would be visiting him today. He says he was informed "by higher powers." Hey, does anyone know if there are real prisons where the father of a murder victim would be allowed to enter the cell of her unrestrained murderer? Because that just doesn't seem like something that would happen in this litigious age.

Nevertheless, Dr. Rich joins Isaiah in his cell, where Isaiah proceeds to taunt him with a whole bunch of references to hearts -- you know, because he ripped out Lucinda's. Poor Bill Pullman is so busy looking handsome that he forgets not to overact, and his "turning head away in pain" almost gives him whiplash. He suggests that he'd like to know Isaiah, which is a great idea dramatically because Michael Massee does an awesome job with his next monologue: "Simply…Satanist!" Isaiah suggests that he and Richard might like each other if circumstances were different. Unfortunately, this leads to a "joke" about them "hanging," but how it's actually just Isaiah who will "hang" for his crime. Then Isaiah threatens to preach his word to the prisoners, but Dr. Richard counters that with the assertion that the other prisoners would kill Isaiah if they got near him.

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